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10 Smart Interior Decorating Tips for this New Year


Interior Decorating Tips

A new year brings in joy and cheer ad there is nothing more cheerful than a new look for your home. Many of us have the misconception of a change in interiors being an expensive affair. This is not so, small changes well within your budget can offer you a home which is not only luxurious in looks but also feels more comfortable and inviting. All you need is a little bit of imagination combined with some level of creativity which most of us have. These small but significant changes can lift up your moods and make the home a warm and cozy place not only for you and your family but also for the guests you entertain.interior-decorating-tips

Easy Tips for an Interior Change

Ancient Furniture’s: We all have this habit of hoarding and cluttering our homes with knock knacks accumulated with the passing of time. It is wise to chose furniture’s for home this New Year with the new Ideas. Bring in the New Year with fresh furniture’s. Anything which is not used for a period of six months.interior-decorating-tips

Photographs: With photography being accessed easily most of us tend to click and click. You can replace the old photographs on the frames with the recent ones. Opting for a change in frames is a good idea as these are not too expensive and secondly, you have a greater number of choices available these days. This means, you can opt for a frame, or frames which blend well with the new interiors. All this requires is a little bit of an effort and time.

Changing the Accent Color: It is not necessary to get the whole house repainted for the new look you want for your home. You can think of just changing the colors of the cushion covers, draperies and curtains. This is definitely cost-effective as compared to the repainting. Change the vases, ottomans, bowls and the small knock knacks in your living space. This is opting for a change in a small and subtle manner.interior-decorating-tips

The Paint Power: For a breath of fresh air in your home you can think of painting just one wall in a vibrant color or probably use the printed wall paper. The change visible is breathtaking. Wall papers can be used only on the door panel or probably the back of a unit. A small change like this does create an alarming effect.

Nature at Home: Opt for different plants which are considered as ‘healthy’. You can opt for the indoor plants or probably have the outdoor space converted into a small garden. Bringing nature indoors is not difficult at all and is definitely a healthy option for all home owners. You can also paint earthen pots, if you already have plants at home. This can change the overall boring look of the earthen pots most of us have.

Ethnicity of the Entrance: Go for a total new look by embracing the rich Indian style antiques for your bedroom or the living space. Traditional artifacts’ add a ‘unique’ and ‘elegant’ look to the total setup. This is being ‘different’ and ‘beautiful’. It is not necessary to empty your pocket for creating a beautiful home. Creativity and imaginations does the trick.

Personal Artwork: Most of us might be having artwork which we have bought but not put up or displayed. There are also many who paint but do not want to show case their work. Take the plunge and adorn the walls with all your favorite artwork, either bought or painted. Your home can get more warm and inviting with this personal touch.

Chandeliers: Chandeliers seem to be an outdated interior piece for most, but this is not so. A well maintained chandelier can change looks of an interior totally. You can say this offers a palatial look to a home. Ensure this is hung in the right place.

Maximizing: Contrasting prints can offer a different look which is unique. This is getting bold in the right manner. You can plan for this so called ‘cluttered’ look in one area of a room for that very different look. When this is handled in the right manner, probably by the professionals, you can say it adds a touch of class.

Calming effect: Those of who wish to have a ‘calm’ living room need to avoid the cluttered look and not hang too many artifacts’ around. You can even think of getting this room painted in white or any other neutral color which is soothing. Showpieces need to be on the minimum here. Instead of arranging them in the whole room, you can plan out a specific corner for their display. Upholstery in a solid color can offer relief visually. In case of using prints, ensure these are incorporated in the most minimal way.Bring in the New Year with a different looking home, keeping your style and personality in mind. Let your home speak of you and your tastes. Getting creative is easy if you let your imagination take over. You can experiment with different colors, patterns, artifacts’ and more.If there is any sort of confusion you can spend a little bit and seek the help of professional interior designers. All you need to do is communicate and give them a fair idea of what you are looking for. These professionals have the required qualifications and experience to tackle all types of projects, be it big or small. You have multiple options which means you find services offered within the specified budget..



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