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A well-organized bedroom furniture setup can be appealing to the eye as well as comfortable, as it gives and filters a sense of spaciousness, no matter how small your room might be.

Why arrange your bedroom?

Everyone dreams of a spacious bedroom, where one can fit all possible handy pieces of furniture. However, not all our sleeping spaces are as roomy as we might dream.

Fortunately, a well-arranged bedroom allows you to accommodate all the furniture you need, while still not looking cramped.

In this article, we will shed light on necessary pieces of furniture in any bedroom, other pieces that can be introduced, given the extra space, and some extra stunning tips to make the best of your sleeping space in a super style. Don’t you think such a magical place deserves a bedroom plan and furniture arrangement?

Our bedrooms are the favourite places where we are likely to relax and spend nearly half of our day if not half of our life. They are also the places in which we can charge our batteries get ready for the next day.

Therefore, of all the rooms in the house, our bedrooms should be prioritized and given so much attention.

How to arrange bedroom furniture?

 Among all furniture pieces in our home décor, bedrooms should be sensual, luxurious and comfortable in every single touch. Simply bedroom details affect how comfortable you sleep at night and what mood you wake in. 


beds are the focal point in any bedroom; it is important to place it carefully to optimize and build your bedroom. Traditionally, our bed is placed in the centre of the room against the wall, preferably across from the door.

If this is not possible, choose a long wall to accommodate the bed. Yet, avoid placing the bed where it can obstruct a door or a walkway through the room.

Minimalism bedroom

You can opt for a queen or king-size bed with a plain or tufted headboard and/or footboard, creating and keeping the maximum level of comfort.

colour bedside table


Another point to consider when designing your bedroom is headboards.

They are focal point of your bedroom and the first thing your eyes come on when you walk into your room. Headboards are not the only solutions for the design of your room.

 A panel of walnut, oak, or mahogany wood over the bed could be also fixed and fitted, adding some sort of comfort with your mattress. 

Your leather bed’s head can be further enhanced with a row of luxury cushions or tufted button, offering a fabulous look to your bedroom space.

It depends on the mood you would like to bring in your bedroom, and whether it is traditional or classic, modern or contemporary.

Bedside tables

It is necessary to have at least a bedside table, on which you can place all your nighttime needs with a double set of bedside tables.

It could be a bedside cabinet, a nightstand, or even a simple table.

It is preferred that the bedside should have a kind of storage like a drawer or an under shelf to store more items.

Black Oak Veneer Bedside Table


There are lots of types of closet sets, from which you can choose a brilliant option, depending on the available space; the general layout of your bedroom, and of course your preference.

It could be a built-in type of closets like a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet, or it could be a wardrobe closet.

Choose the size of a closet that can be practical enough but not to devour your floor plan. As for wardrobe closet, you can place and save space against the wall without any protrusion, adding a sleek inspiration to your interior.

bedroom furniture

Dressing table

A dressing table is an ideal mirrored piece in your bedroom to get ready whenever you need. It should be placed where you can access your clothes, jewellery, cosmetics and shoes.

It is better to place your dressing table opposite your bed or your closet, making sure it wouldn’t obstruct a walk-way in your room.

Occasional Chairs and Table

Provided that you have extra space in your bedroom, you can integrate additional upholstered elements to elevate it in sanctuary range of materials and finishes.

You can create a decent conversation corner, which can consist of an occasional table with an occasional chair or two, or a loveseat.

It can be placed in any corner of the room, bringing a cozy lifestyle trend. Yet preferably, it can be placed under window frames or before a terrace, for you to enjoy the sunlight view. 

velvet chair and sofa

In short, space planning is a key aspect of your interior design. You should avoid poor planning and opt for better-planned layouts to maximise your space and make the most of it. It is not how much space you have; it is how you manage it in a good vibe.

 At Englanderline, we promise to bring the highest standards of good quality furniture and fabrics as well as the lowest mobility costs. Our expert designers help you to bring fresh and striking aesthetic to your bedroom thanks to our wide range of interior designing options.

Our expert interior designers have the ability to link the design of your bedroom with other rooms colours: white, grey or blue with other soft furnishings items inside your interior. This makes your furniture scheme to look striking and sumptuous around your living space.

Englanderline expert team gives you the perfect chance and highest standard to design your bedroom and express your taste and personality with different sizes and ideas.

It is also important to closely link the design of your bedroom to other rooms and furniture pieces in your house such as a seat and other soft furnishings items. This makes your furniture looking striking and sumptuous around your living space.

Upholstery Seams 01

With our 20 years experience, our professional team upgrade your bedroom with everything you need, including a variety of our bespoke and luxury furniture.

Englanderline choice of designs can be further enhanced with good lighting, decorative lamp, motor curtains, ottoman, seats, dining chairs, sofas, wardrobes, cushions, mattresses and other accessories.

Our team allows you to alter or repose your lounge and living space atmosphere, particularly bedrooms at the flick of a switch. Englanderline luxury collection is designed to stylish your bedroom or business, indeed, any part of your living space in an easy manner.

Our selection of bedroom designs is attractive and versatile and includes an exceptional and individual opportunity to match and mix with care and no efforts, mixing wooden work with metal frame and saving your time.

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