Barnes Living Room

Luxury Living Room

Price starting from 13940 £

Barnes Living Room Consist of:

Sofa: £2640
W 230 cm x D 60 cm x H 78 cm

Coffee Table: £2360
W 89 cm x D 89 cm x H 35.5 cm

2 Round Side Table: £1540
W 50 cm x D 50 cm x H 62

Round Side Table: £360
W 55 cm x D 55 cm x H 59 cm

Rectangular Side Table: £850
W 40.5 cm x D 25.5 cm x H 56.5 cm

Chair: £6505
W 72.5 cm x D 90 cm x H 79 cm

Ottoman: £1230
W 100 cm x D 45 cm x H 45 cm

Barnes luxury living room furniture has taken out the time to think about what people need in their homes. The way that they have really designed this is for those that want space, style, and quality all in one place.

These are the best materials that make furniture last for years and years of use. I really liked how solid and well-made these things are. They have a great look, feel, and functionality.

Barnes Sofa

The Luxury sofa is an elegant piece of furniture. It was designed by Englanderline with extra comfort in mind. The couch comes with options of different types of lie-downs such as L shape, corner or left arm chaise lounge, and right arm chaise lounge.

Barnes Luxury Living Room Furniture 1

Barnes Table

Barnes Luxury Living Room Furniture 2

The luxury coffee table is one of the best pieces of furniture which goes to make an elegant living room.

The coffee table is a very important piece of living room furniture. It provides a resting place for coffee cups, magazines, remote control, and many other things.

The Barnes coffee table makes a great addition to your living room.

Barnes Armchair

The Barnes chair is an elegant new addition to the stylish Barnes family. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of European charm to your home while fitting right in with any colour scheme.

Barnes Luxury Living Room Furniture 3

Barnes Side Table

Barnes Luxury Living Room Furniture 4

Barnes side table is perfect for your luxury room. It is made from sturdy materials and designed with a gorgeous walnut finish. Staying on top of the latest fashion trends, we offers elegant tables such as coffee tables, side tables, console Tables, and much more for your home.

Barnes Ottoman

If you are looking for something to bring a little elegance to your home, then Barnes ottoman is perfect for your luxury room. This magnificent table has both contemporary and classical style—an ideal blend for bringing two different styles into one a new beautiful piece of furniture.

Barnes Luxury Living Room Furniture 5

Please note that our customers can customize their Barnes Living room with different pieces of furniture