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5 Tips to Create the Perfect Blue and Grey Living Room

Blue and Grey Living Room

A living room is mostly the focal point and has to be styled in a way that ties the whole house together. You may have heard of the term ‘statement piece’. We consider the living room to be the ‘statement area’ of a house. It has to be eye-catching, bold but nothing too fancy.

What better way would there be to make this happen than to go with a blue grey living room color scheme?

By opting for this color scheme, you have the perfect palette sorted out. There are a plethora of ways to incorporate this timeless mix into your living space, and we’ve compiled a list of ideas to get you started.

5 Brilliant Tips to Create the Elegant Blue and Grey Living Room

5 Tips to Create the Perfect Blue and Grey Living Room 2

Accent Wall

Let’s start with the blue and grey living room walls. An accent wall is a smart way to incorporate shades or patterns into your living room, regardless of your overall decor theme.

The one thing you need to be careful is about the furniture you place in front of the accent wall. The style and the pattern should be minimalist. Ensure that you do not have the same color furniture because that will clash with the wall and reduce the impact you otherwise intended to create.

You can paint one of the walls a darker shade of grey while the others are light grey. You can also go for a dark blue wall. This is a very popular trend currently. In the case that you go for a dark blue wall, a grey sofa here will complement it best. You can add blue decorations like a cushion but steer clear of overusing it.

Add Wooden Features

Feel like something is missing in your blue and grey living room?

Try adding some wooden features to the room. A slightly expensive option, but wooden flooring goes great with the color combination. It brings warmth into the room and keeps it easy on the eyes.

A light wood, such as the oak, contrasts well with the dark walls and couch, contributing a satisfying lightness to the blend. Another way to accentuate your living room would be to add a wooden table, side chairs, or even sofa legs.

Patterns & Shades

In a blue and grey living room, a lot of solid colors can make things seem dark, worse, and bland. As a result, introducing patterns to the space will prove to be a good move that will make it seem better than before.


Introducing patterns into any room is tricky. There is a very thin line that can take the room from classy to cheap. You have to keep the tone of the living room in mind. The best way to keep the room classy is to add simple patterns that uplift the entire room.

What you can do is throw patterned cushions on solid sofas. Just like you cannot put a pattern on a pattern, do not go with the same color. Light grey pattern cushions would look great on dark blue sofas and dark blue cushions would complement a dull grey sofa.

Explore Blue Wave Cushions and experience the vibrant freshness of the sea waves.

Moreso, a vibrant patterned rug, curtain, or even sofa against different solid colors can liven up the room. The room will still be classy and elegant without it, but this touch of pattern adds the perfect contrast to take the interior up a notch.

You Cant’ Go Wrong With Some Velvet

Velvet speaks luxury. It has long been a go-to fabric for incorporating elegant touches of refinement and charm in interior designing.

Having a blue velvet sofa in the living room can elevate a room’s class. This would work great with solid grey walls and accessories surrounding the sofa.

Add Some White

Just because you have a blue and grey living room combination does not mean you need the entire room to be splattered with them.

A great way to go about it is to have a white background with grey and blue furniture. You can either go with white or the lightest grey color and what this will do is that it will open up your entire room. This will make it appear more spacious and bright.

Even if you incorporate white into your interior decorations or accessories, it will not interfere with your dreamy combo of grey and blue. Try throwing a couple of white Sergio Cushions onto your grey sofa.

You can also try exploring with a statement white chair next to your grey or blue sofas. Not only will additions like these bring out the grey-blue colors in the foreground but also give your grey and navy blue living room the finishing look it needs. You can explore our range of round upholstered chairs.

The Takeaway

Grey and blue is a very versatile color combination. With these two colors, there is honestly no right or wrong. You can choose from the brightest blue or the dullest grey shade and it will work. Explore these ideas for yourself and create that perfect dreamy blue and grey living room.

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