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Blue Velvet Sofa ukFor Living Room Furniture.
Luxuriously padded cushions and curved arms give our Blue Velvet Sofa a distinctively modern look. Its hand-tufted back and seat cushions made of blue velvet fabric, make it not only stylish but also an eye-catching centerpiece to any living room or den ensemble.

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9 Steps to Style Blue Velvet Sofa UK like a PRO

Steps to Style Blue Velvet Sofa UK like a PRO

When one catches sight of something spectacular, one ends up purchasing it 90% of the time. But only while setting up that accent item, you realize how much of a drill it is!

A blue velvet sofa definitely looks mesmerizing in the interiors. But at the same time, it needs to go with everything in the space effortlessly so the entire combination balances each other out instead of being noisy. So, you need to add the right jewelry to the sofa!

Here are 9 easy steps to style your blue velvet sofa UK so you can create a harmonious look in your space.

1- Select the color scheme

First thing first – the color scheme for the space bearing your blue velvet sofa needs to be decided wisely. Suppose you are placing the sofa in your living room. The wall right behind your sofa must be of some light, neutral color, or other analogous colors that harmonize with one another.

You can consider light grey, cream, ivory, camel, or beige. Also, you can go for an accent color as well but that might overshadow the blue velvet sofa.

2- Add cushions of the right shape and size

living room with luxury blue velvet sofa

What adds to the aesthetic aura of your sofa are definitely your cushions. While the majority will go for white, it may become boring or less appealing. However, using analogous colors can work well.

If your sofa is royal blue in color, better go with red, pale pink, or yellow. Light blue looks good with yellow and pink. Complementary colors such as white, grey, peach, pink, and dark blue go well with baby blue.

The size and shape of the cushions matter a lot. Try using a good combination of shapes and textures to add interest to your interior.

3- Throw blanket

Okay. We all love throw blankets. A throw blanket can work wonders in styling your sofa. Throw blankets of neutral, warm, and accent colors work equally well in enhancing the aesthetics of your sofa and hence of your living room.

4- Layer stuff

Layering stuff creates a harmony that reflects your styling skills. Layer cushions, blankets, patterns, shapes, and textures to create a balanced look.

5- Place a Coffee table

What’s a sofa without a coffee table? Coffee tables don’t only allow you to have time with your loved ones but also adds a little more character to your interior.

A nice square coffee table never disappoints you in styling your living room against a lavish sofa. A dark-colored sturdy coffee table with low height can be styled keeping in mind your blue velvet sofa.

You can add a pop of color with a pretty tray and colorful stack of books, that will give a mesmerizing aura to the entire arrangement.

6- Decorate the wall behind the sofa

Wimbledon Living Room

The wall behind your sofa is the point of attention in the living room. And how you style it gives you an ample margin to showcase your skill and taste.

A nice collection of paintings or frames can enhance the overall look of your space. Decoration items, mirrors, or a large art grid can also create a perfect look for the wall behind a blue velvet sofa.

7- Use Plants

Nature lovers just can not help adding plants to their homes and if you too have got some of these little buddies, pick one and place it alongside your blue velvet sofa. If the plant is short, place a stool alongside your sofa and then put that little bud over it.

8- Place a Rug

How can we forget the rug? For a blue velvet sofa, you can choose colors such as earth tones, russet, grey, aqua, or ivory rug. Wool, silk, or cotton rug goes so much beautifully with the blue velvet sofa that you can’t resist adoring your own space.

9- Perfect the Lightning

And finally, complete the look of your space with a long cool some lamp that adds to the aesthetics of your room as well as completes your contemporary styling.

Arranging a number of things in a single space might feel exhausting but with a little bit of know-how and effort, you can create a perfect look for your blue velvet sofa and breathe life into your living room.

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