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Luxury Bar Stools UK - Englander Line

Englander Line brings to you an exclusive collection of high quality luxury bar stools in London that are classical in design and handcrafted to perfection by our experienced craftsmen who have a passion for furniture making. The wooden bar stools in pure cotton and leather upholstery is sure to increase the aesthetic appeal of any living space or for that matter, a bar or lounge which is looking for custom made hotel furniture that looks sophisticated. The exceptional quality English bar stools UK are perfectly carved in hardwood and the quality upholstery fabric adds to the style of the high chairs and counter stools which represents the most elegant craftsmanship and detailing in wood. The fine edges, round curves, rich wood polishing and Calico upholstery fabric brings about a gorgeous look to these classic furniture items that is rustic in appeal.

Our extensive UK hotel furniture collection includes wooden counter stools and fabric bar stools UK that are beautifully conceived in hardwood and that goes about enhancing the overall beauty of a living space, especially a bar, cafeteria or a lounge. The beautiful edges, free flowing lines, cushioned backrests, long legs and rich hand polishing also adds to the overall style in a distinct manner.

Our wooden bar stools UK and upholstered bar stools UK are available in both modern as well as classical design as the natural hardwood and the upholstery fabric used in its production is of the highest quality. No two furniture items can be similar or identical and we make sure that each our product are unique, reveal the best in style and that perfectly cater to the needs of our individual and hotel clients.

We are one of the leading contract furniture manufacturers in UK, specialising in kitchen bar stools and contemporary bar stools that are beautifully designed in the best quality hardwood and it is the hotels, pubs, bars and individual homes in Europe that are our biggest clients who always look for something classic, designer and royal. Englander Line brings to you some of the most beautiful fabric bar stools for sale that are exquisitely hand made in the most elegant fashion.

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