Chelsea Living Room

Chelsea Luxury Living Room Furniture 1

Price starting from 6915 £

Chelsea Living Room Consist of:

Sofa: £2800 (W 200 cm x D 100 cm x H 77 cm)

Coffee Table: £2495 (W 130 cm x D 80 cm x H 35 cm)

Side Table: £1395 (W 50 cm x D 50 cm x H 60 cm)

2 Chairs: £990 (W 77 cm x D 73 cm x H 67 cm)

Total Room Price Was £7680   Now  £6915

Have you ever thought that you can have great and luxurious living room furniture in your home? Maybe you went around the store several times, however, it will remain a mere thought unless and until you don’t decide to buy it.

Luxury furniture is something that you should buy. You’ll be happy that you did. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard people tell me they wish they had purchased a couch or a bed before it was all over.

Chelsea luxury living room furniture is the luxurious and best-designed piece of furniture for your home. Luxury living room sets are synonymous with great functionality and comfort.

Chelsea Sofa

Chelsea is an extremely comfortable sofa that will give your home a luxury feel. Its modern and elegant design combined with a high-quality cover will lend the perfect touch to your living room or your office, making this sofa an important detail of your interior decoration project.

Although it may look soft and delicate, Chelsea is in fact very durable and strong thanks to its extruded solid wood structure which ensures exceptional stability.

The upholstery is also designed to resist everyday wear and tear as much as possible thanks to its smooth fabric surface and the resilient foam core filling.

Chelsea Luxury Living Room Furniture 2

Chelsea Table

coffee table

One of the most popular pieces of modern living room furniture is the Chelsea coffee table, a true statement piece. Made out of solid wood, with unique glass and metal accents. It’s available in several finishes including a walnut finish and also the more contemporary black glass top.

Despite its contemporary design, this coffee table has a nice traditional look. The top has elegant curves which give it a luxurious look, while the chrome legs keep it firmly placed on the floor. Just make sure that you place it in an area that is clear of any traffic or you will scratch this beautiful item.

Chelsea chair

Chelsea Chair is a perfect combination of elegance and style. This chair is one of the finest pieces of furniture and is also one of the most comfortable. This stunning-looking chair comes with soft cushions and a patterned seat that makes it perfect for any home decor.

There is a variety of types of Chelsea chairs, and you will be able to choose one for yourself among them. These chairs are available in different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. This furniture is made from different materials. You can see the wide range featuring these chairs.

Chelsea Luxury Living Room Furniture 3

Please note that our customers can customize their Chelsea living room with different pieces of furniture