Slide Luxury Dining Chair Sit down comfortably with our luxury dining chairs. Our collection of wood dining chairs and modern dining chairs are skilfully designed and handcrafted to be the perfect addition for your dining room furniture and ensure comfort while having a delicious meal with your family. Coming in a variety of designs and fabrics, Englanderline dining chairs help you a whole new atmosphere for your dining room. Factory Price | Handmade in London | Worldwide Shipping

Luxury Dining Chairs

Luxury Dining Chairs Visit our London studio to view our furniture collection Dining Chairs 1

Luxury Dining Chairs

Englanderline Dining Chairs Style

Luxury Dining Chairs Collection

The elegant, contemporary design of our best-selling Dining Chair Collection offers a distinct, timeless style. Crafted of handmade solid wood, this collection is as beautiful as it is durable. A protective hand-rubbed finish highlights the warm color that adds to its unique character.
Dining Chairs Categories
Tufted dining chair
  • Tufted dining chair
  • Curved Dining Chair
  • Dining Armchair
  • Armless Dining Chair
  • Scoop Back Dining Chair
  • Stripe Dining Chair
  • Wingback Dining Chair
  • High back Dining chair
  • Cross Leg Dining Chair
  • Beige Dining Chair
  • Velvet Dining Chair

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