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Benches and ottomans are functional and aesthetic pieces of furniture. Explore our collection of in-stock elegant ottomans footstools. Englanderline offers a wide range of modern ottomans and storage. Our ottomans and pouffes can fit almost anywhere at home. Discover our benches and ottomans and create a touch of coziness to your interior space.

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Luxury Ottomans & Pouffes

Luxury Occasional Chairs Visit our London studio to view our furniture collection Ottomans & Pouffes 1 Ottomans & Pouffes 1

Luxury Ottomans & Pouffes

Englanderline Ottomans & Pouffes Style

Luxury Ottomans & Pouffes Collection

Our luxury ottoman and pouffes collection brings an inspiring blend of contemporary shapes and textures to any living space. Richly covered in quality fabric, each piece can be used as a unique side table, footrest, or extra seat for guests. With its beautiful minimalist silhouette, Our pouffe is an elegant addition to your home.
ottomans & pouffes Categories
Round Pouf
  • Round Pouf
  • Hexagon Pouf
  • Square Pouf
  • Tufted Pouf
  • Stripped Pouf
  • Patterned Pouf
  • Calico Pouf
  • Linen Pouf
  • Velvet Pouf
  • Brass Pouf
  • Beige Pouf
  • Blue Pouf
  • Turquoise Pouf
  • Brown Pouf
  • Cream Ottoman
  • Grey Pouf
  • Blush Pink Pouf
  • Back Pouf
  • Octagon Ottoman
  • Oval Ottoman
  • Rectangular Ottoman
  • Round Ottoman
  • Tufted Ottoman
  • Velvet Ottoman
  • Brass Ottoman

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