Covent Garden Dining Room

Covent Garden Luxury Dining Room Furniture 1

Price starting from 7150 £

Covent Garden Dining Room Consist of:

Dining Table: £5995 (W 240 cm x D 110 cm x H 75 cm)

6 Dining Chairs: £1950 (W 55 cm x D 52 cm x H 85 cm)

Total: £7945  £7150

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Elegance is the soul of the stunning Covent Garden Dining Room collection. Designed to make mornings more pleasurable, the high-quality upholstery is complemented by beautiful carved wooden pieces – a combination that guarantees lasting, classic style. Covent Garden makes a statement in any dining room; with its generous scale and elegant silhouette, this collection defines any interior.

Covent Garden Table

The Covent Garden table is constructed from a variety of beech wood and veneers, a natural material that compliments almost any color scheme. The table has been built to last with high-quality construction techniques and both functional and beautiful designs.

Covent Garden Luxury Dining Room Furniture 2

Covent Garden Dining Chair

Covent Garden Luxury Dining Room Furniture 3

The perfect seat for contemporary, and understated style, the Covent Garden Dining chair is crafted from high-quality solid woods and engineered to perfection. Enjoy an afternoon tea or sit down for dinner in this stylishly sophisticated dining chair.

Choose from our diverse luxury chairs collection. We have different choices for your home interior design and furniture.

Please note that our customers can customize their Covent Garden Dining Room with different pieces of furniture