Custom Made Furniture in London

At Englander Line, we provide a wide collection of exquisite luxurious bespoke modern furniture and furnishing items in the United Kingdom which are brought to perfection by our skilled and experienced craftsmen having expertise in hand-crafting contemporary and traditional style beauties out of finest quality natural solid wood.Custom Made Furniture UK Our unmatched craftsmanship maintains the uniqueness in the products with beautiful English and French touch in styling.Custom Made Furniture UK

Englander Line’s display of luxurious bespoke modern furniture items in UK portrays a royal, elegant and stately appeal enhances the décor of any hotel suite, meeting room, dining room, living room or bedroom.Custom Made Furniture UK We produce a variety of bespoke furniture commodities apt for all spaces in varying shape, size and dimensions that blends in perfectly with the ambience of any living area giving it an overwhelming elegant look and stylish appeal..

Englander Line Custom Furniture Range Speaks Class & Beauty

Englander Line’s range of exquisite, modern and hand-carved bespoke furniture in London are made to flawlessness by our most experienced skilled craftsmen in the entire of UK who have an adoration for antique style, European recreational style and contemporary style furniture manufacturing.

We consider every new order as a new challenge as our adaptability and versatility with regards to planning marvellous items of both conventional and modern-day furniture can be seen in accordance with customer’s specifications that is immaculate in execution. Our custom-made modern furniture items are gorgeous pieces uncovering craftsmanship to the most astounding request which stands unchallenged and unparalleled.

Browse through our exclusive range of hand crafted delights that are carved out of the best quality natural solid wood. Every furniture piece that we have in our selective accumulation is a marvel that is elaborately composed with slick lines and shapes. What makes us stand apart from our competitors is our expertise in custom-made English, French and Italian recreational styling as well as our classy and elegant bespoke modern styling furniture items.

View the most stylish and elegant design furniture, all under one roof at Englander Line.

Our Custom Furniture London is Suitable For:

  • Hotels (Deluxe / Executive, Economy & Budget class)
  • Restaurants
  • Resorts & private Mansions
  • Private villas
  • Embassies
  • Individual homes and apartments
  • Business conference rooms and board rooms
  • Dining areas, cafeterias
  • Hotel lobby, lounges and waiting rooms
  • Bespoke Furniture Tailored for High Profile Clients and Businesses

England Line’s products are delivered across the globe satisfying the needs of demanding customers who are searching for UK’s finest bespoke furniture design.

Englander Line expertise in:

  • Made-to-measure furniture without any flaws.
  • Use of Natural Solid Hardwood and other premium quality woods.
  • Hand crafted and hand polished by our professional team of craftsmen.
  • Intricately hand carved with ornate design patterns.
  • Classic and contemporary style furniture items.
  • French, Italian and English reproduction style furniture.
  • Custom furniture design for all rooms and living spaces.
  • Robust construction ensuring long life.

We would be delighted to assist our customers with our exclusive range of England’s finest custom furniture design ready to impress and overwhelm your senses.

Visit Englander Line Ltd.

Visit our exclusive furniture store in Croydon, London and get a glimpse of our stylish, sophisticated and elegant design custom made furniture that is ornately designed and hand carved to perfection without any flaws. When you think of bespoke furniture in London, it is Englander Line which comes to the minds of all, first & always.