Fully Hand Made Products

Englander Line Ltd. Being one of the top modern furniture companies of UK work towards bringing perfection in its line of luxurious furniture items. Be it a modern luxurious bed, table, sofa, seating or even chests; our team of hardworking craftsmen and artists have attained expertise in creating masterpieces in such a unique way that our end-product is generally referred to as a gorgeous piece of art. With great care, sophistication, thoroughness and dedication, our craftsmen display their years of experience in hand-crafting in every single furniture item with a class of its own.

As a renowned luxury furniture company in London, manufacturing designer modern and traditional handmade sofas, beds, tables, chairs and all other bespoke furniture items with unique style & classy statement is our niche.

Completion of various successful projects having modern and traditional furniture along with “made-to-measure” French furniture items fulfilling our client’s requirements leave us with moments of pride and satisfaction in our field of work throughout Europe and all over the world.

From understanding our client’s furniture design specification to completion of the product might be time-consuming at times but we give our best to produce any bespoke furniture from concept to completion to installation within 6 weeks.