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Guide to Buying Velvet Dining Chairs and Table

Guide to Buying Velvet Dining Chairs and Table 1

7 Tips before buying a Velvet Dining Chairs and Table

A dining room owes its entire beauty and elegance to the dining chair and table. And when buying one for your dining, velvet dining chairs and table are always on one’s mind.

Soft upholstered velvet dining chairs look perfect with high glossy tables, creating a spectacular contrast and aura for your dining.

But do you know what to look for before buying a velvet dining chair and table? Let’s have a look!

1- Measure your space

A lavish and luxurious velvet dining chair and table surely give a charismatic aura to your interior, but if it’s not comfortable in its dimensions, the purpose will not be served.

Before buying a velvet dining chair and table, you should consider the following things:

  • A dining chair’s width should be measured at its widest point.
  • Check if the dining chairs are easily sliding under the dining table or not.
  • To ensure sufficient space for legs, the tabletop and dining chair should have a 12 inches space between them.

2- Be practical

While buying velvet dining chairs and table, one might compromise on the practicality for the sake of aesthetics. But that shows up when you are dealing with countless issues on daily basis.

Apart from the right size and dimensions, it’s highly important to consider the requirements of your home. If you have kids and pets at home, it can become difficult taking care of expensive ornate furniture.

The velvet dining chair and table require great time and attention for maintenance and cleaning. So, for that either avoid buying velvet furniture or buy supreme quality only.

3- Buy strong sturdy furniture

Whatever we buy, we opt for quality and durability. Because only stuff that is made of reliable and durable material can serve for a long period. A piece of bad quality furniture will lead to wobbling or twisting, hence expenses in the future.

If buying in wood, you can go for oak, pine, or walnut wood. Tabletop of glass, metal, quartz, and marble are not only trendy but also durable.

Linen, silk, or mohair velvet are top choices for velvet upholstery.

velvet dining chairs and table

4- Consider Your living style

Lifestyle matters when it comes to buying home furniture.

Does your dining table have very occasional use, only when you are having guests at your place?

Then, you should be having a dining setup that stands out and is an icon of style in your home. Timeless traditional, modern rustic and textured neutrals are trending in the town. You can go high contrast dining sets, large backrests, classic designs to showcase your taste to your guests.

Or maybe your dining table is used by the family members on daily basis?

For daily use, your dining should be more comfortable than ostentatious. The chairs should be easy to move in and out and the whole seating should offer maximum comfort.

5- Buy a coherent color scheme

What’s the purpose of a velvet dining chair and table that won’t go with the color scheme of your dining room?

So, the color scheme must be in your mind while purchasing. If the color scheme of your dining room is neutral, your dining can be whisper-light blue or lavender.

If you want to create a light feel for your dining room, go for a sunny yellow, which especially goes well with dark wood floors.

6- Let it speak out your taste

When you are designing your interior, your taste must reflect in your dining room as well. What makes a velvet dining chair and table stand out is its coherence with your interior.

Your dining says a lot about your taste, as the guests are always welcomed at your dining. And it’s something that never goes unnoticed.

For a soft warm look, go for velvet chairs upholstered in neutral colors and dark brown rustic table, giving farmhouse vibes.

For a bohemian look, you can go for a pair of different chairs or even all chairs different. But for that, all of your chairs must be very unique and stylish.

For a traditional antique design, velvet chairs paired with a high gloss table create a perfectly balanced look.

7- Go for the perfect shape

Shapes matter when it comes to defining the mood of your interior.

Rectangular dining tables are a common choice for people worldwide. They allow sitting for a large number of guests or family members. Not only this, rectangular tables offer large space because of their linear shape.

In contrast, for small dining corners such as a kitchen corner or TV launch, round tables work best. They perfectly fit into space, giving an enticing look and allow sitting for a family of 4 to 5.

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