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    Base Price : £1200.00

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    *House Cotton


    Merino ( Selected Fabric )

    Moonstone ( Selected Fabric )

    Turtle Dove ( Selected Fabric )

    Zinc ( Selected Fabric )

    Charcoal ( Selected Fabric )

    Chamois ( Selected Fabric )

    Caribou ( Selected Fabric )

    Peppercorn ( Selected Fabric )

    Topaz ( Selected Fabric )

    Oxford blue ( Selected Fabric )

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    Wenge light ( Selected Finish )

    Wenge light

    This colour can be used for both modern and classical models. It is a mixture of dark brown and touches of gold.

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    Wenge dark ( Selected Finish )

    Wenge dark

    More suitable for modern range. It has a mixture of dark brown and black colous.

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    Walnut mahogany ( Selected Finish )

    Walnut mahogany

    Mixture of medium tone brown colour with hint of orange tone. Colour is suitable for recreating antique feel.

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    Walnut grey distressed ( Selected Finish )

    Walnut grey distressed

    This finish is perfect for getting furniture in shabby shick distressed finish.

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    Walnut ebony stained ( Selected Finish )

    Walnut ebony stained

    Misture of light/ medium brown with touches of dark brown colour.

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    Silver distressed ( Selected Finish )

    Silver distressed

    This colour is perfect for furniture in modern style, but with warm distressed worn out feel.

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    Natural oak ( Selected Finish )

    Natural oak

    This natural oak finish is working very well with modern style furniture to create light and fresh inviroment.

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    Natural beach ( Selected Finish )

    Natural beach

    Timeless finish of natural beach wood is giving nice clean finish to the furniture.

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    Medium walnut ( Selected Finish )

    Medium walnut

    Timeless finish of medium walnut finish is never gets out of fashion.

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    Mahogany ( Selected Finish )


    Finish that is perfect for giving your furniture antique look and touch of character.

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    Light walnut ( Selected Finish )

    Light walnut

    Finish of wood that is giving your furniture soft look. It has a mixture of light walnut colour and distressed parts in dark walnut.

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    Light oak distressed ( Selected Finish )

    Light oak distressed

    Light oak distressed finish will give your furniture stylish feel.

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    Light oak ( Selected Finish )

    Light oak

    Natural look of this finish will give your furniture airy light feel.

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    Light misty walnut ( Selected Finish )

    Light misty walnut

    This finish will give your furniture touch of character.

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    Light mahogany ( Selected Finish )

    Light mahogany

    This polishing technique transfers  your furniture and give it feel of antique piece.

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    Ivory ( Selected Finish )


    Fresh and airy feel of ivory colour will give your furniture soft look.

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    French grey mahogany distressed ( Selected Finish )

    French grey mahogany distressed

    Mixture of light mahogany colour with touches of silver to achieve old-antique like look.

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    French grey ( Selected Finish )

    French grey

    Ligh and natural colour for your furniture will create relaxed look in the interiors.

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    Ebony grey ( Selected Finish )

    Ebony grey

    This finish is achieved by using 2 main colours- french grey and dark ebony colour. Distressed finish of this colour allows us to create models with unique character.

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    Ebony ash ( Selected Finish )

    Ebony ash

    Mixture of black and grey colours. This finish is suited for modern or classical models.

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    Dark wenge distressed ( Selected Finish )

    Dark wenge distressed

    This finish is perfect for both modern or classical models. It will give your furniture rich finish.

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    Dark walnut ebony distressed ( Selected Finish )

    Dark walnut ebony distressed

    Distressed finish whith main colour being dark walnut. This colour has touches of ebony.

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    Dark walnut acacia ( Selected Finish )

    Dark walnut acacia

    Walnut finish with hints of ebony colour. Will give your furniture rich look and feel.

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    Dark mahogany distressed ( Selected Finish )

    Dark mahogany distressed

    Rich finish that gives furniture antique look. Will add a touch of character to any interior.

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    Ash grey distressed ( Selected Finish )

    Ash grey distressed

    Mixture of light walnut and ash grey colours. Gives furniture light and fresh finish.

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    Antique Mahogany Distressed ( Selected Finish )

    Antique Mahogany Distressed

    Antique Mahogany Distressed.

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    Antique Mahogany ( Selected Finish )

    Antique mahogany

    Beautifull mahogany finish with touches of ebony colour.

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    Antique gold ( Selected Finish )

    Antique gold

    Perfect finish for antique look furniture. It will make furniture piece to look very special in any surroundings.

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Designer bedroom furniture is desire of every homeowner. As we know that our bedroom is our comfort zone so we need something special for its decor. We need the things that can enhance its look as well as comfort levels. For resolving this issue brings to you a complete range of bedroom furniture. If you have a stylish bed then you may also need a designer headboard for it. We have bespoke designer headboards with full hand carvings and soft form filling. Our designer headboard is available in a variety of colors and styles.

You can select the design that perfectly matches with your home interiors. You can buy a king size headboard from our collection for your designer bed. It has smooth textures upholstery and soft foam padding. The soft upholstery ensures comfort to your head. We offer headboards for sale at very reasonable rates. You will get the best in design and decor for your bedroom. Enhance the appeal of your comfort zone with these softly cushioned headboards. Buy the piece of your desire from our store at London or make an online buy. We are offering the most stylish headboards with rich upholstery.

The Bespoke Making:

  • We start from a selection of wooden and fabric materials and then craft a frame from that wood.
  • Our next step is to glue and screw that frame after pasting the selected upholstery on it. It will make it highly durable and strong.
  • You will also get headboards with button tufting in its upholstery.

Strong Frame:

It has a durable wooden frame that we craft with professional hand carvings. The skills of our designers give a flawless look to these furniture pieces. The frame is strong stylish and robust for making a bold appearance in your bedroom. It has thick cushioned padding that gives it a soft look and comfortable feel. Strong and well-formed frame make it easy to adjust to your bedroom. It will provide a sophisticated appeal to your comfort zone.

Rich Upholstery:

The making of these bedroom furniture items includes the selection of wood and upholstery. We select the finest quality hardwood and upholster the frame with rich materials. You can opt between fabric and leather upholstery options. Select the material for upholstering your headboard and we customize it as per your specifications. We bring the quality fabric and leather materials for upholstering your luxury headboards. They are completely handmade creations by our designers that reflect our experience.

Chesterfield Style:

It has a chesterfield style with deep button stuffing and thick foam padding on its surface. It contains highly comfortable cotton and velvet upholstery with diamond formation designing. It will give a luxury feel to your bed after its installation. The color choice of Artis Head Board is just flawless that smoothly blends with every home decor.

We offer Subtle peach and Beige color contrasts in this bespoke creation. This luxurious and pleasing color blends with all types of decor and also soothing for eyes. The neat lines and diamond button tufting give it a sublime finish and stylish look. It contains expert hand carvings and designing on its frame that complements a space.

Clear Detailing in Finish:

You will get the simple and zoomable view of these headboards online. It will show all the detailed finishing that has hand carvings and polishing. The detailing will offers a visible view of its features and beauty. It has straight lines on hand made wooden frame with smooth polishing. The hand polishing brings a beautiful shine to its frame and gives it a flawless finish.

Its modern upholstery material makes it a statement piece of furniture. All these luxury features make it the first choice of homeowners. If you are buying a king size headboard with extra form filling and diamond button tufting then it will be set for you. It is furniture that is all set to enhance the appeal of your comfort zone.

Get Huge Relaxation:

After a whole day work when you enter your bedroom this comfortable headboard pleases your eyes. You will get full relaxation when you place your head on this board. Its soft upholstery will never hurt your head. It provides a comfortable and sound sleep with its soft and thick form filling. Our designers craft this bespoke masterpiece for decorating your comfort zone with softness. It will add an extra charm to your bedroom that pleases the eyes.

After making this purchase from you will definitely come to us again and again. Every furniture we have is of high quality and features durability. Our products have the best of bespoke finishes that redefine the look of your home. These headboards are especially for the homes which demand something luxury for their bedroom. So we recommend adding this beautiful headboard into your living space.

Product Type

Artis Head Board

Product Code



Natural solid wood Kill dried.


Full hand carving


Full handmade polishing, polishing options are available.



Base : £1200.00

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