How to Select a Right Backdrop for Modern Wall Art

Modern Wall Art

Modern Wall Art

The home decoration trends keep on changing and evolving, but there is one decoration trend that continues to grab attention year after year. Yes! Here we are talking about the wall art. The wall art adds style and grace and makes your home look like a valuable piece. The wall art can be anything that you have purchased from the gallery or it could a collection of street wall art brought from the last vacation. But before you add it to the wall consider it as a backdrop.Modern Wall Art

Here are some pointers that you need to consider before selecting a wall art?

Paint of the walls-the paint of the walls plays a crucial role in selecting the wall art. If you want the art to look comfortable, you should check the surroundings and how it participates with it.

Look at the entire picture– Before putting the wall art in the room, it is important to consider the entire room as a whole- including the architectural details, the furnishing, the flooring and the amount of natural light that space enjoys and the mood that you wish to create. The goal is to find wall art that synchronizes well with the look of the room without distracting the other elements. This is something that color consultants are expert at.Modern Wall Art

Balance the look of the room- The experts suggest that if you want to create an elegant look of the room it is important to balance the room by considering how dark or light the paint color is. The color of the paint and the intensity of the color play an important role and how it affects the elements of the room.

Consider the style-Now, that you have considered the look and surroundings of the room, it is important to consider the style of the art. Don’t try to match the art with the surroundings. A matching background color won’t make your wall art to stand out. Instead, it is better to look for coordinating piece that draws the attention of the guests. The color of the wall, photography, portraits and collages should serve as a backdrop and not should distract the look of the room.

If you are trying to showcase the bold graphic pieces of wall art, a contrasting backdrop is more preferred. This means that you can use white shade as a backdrop and contrast it with strong and bold shades.Modern Wall Art

Paint of the walls- as told above the paint and intensity of the paint is important in selecting the wall art of the home. For example, the flat paints offer the least reflective finish as compared to matte, eggshell and gloss which is truly very reflective in nature. You can select artistic style for your home easily with some expert advices. It will automatically show you where it looks good and which design suits to your home. Flat paints are ideal for highlighting the wall art is created from water-colors and oils because lack of sheen allows the art and not the wall to reflect light. With other kinds of wall art, a high amount of gloss is preferred.

The contemporary homes are using a full gloss or eggshell paint to complement the wall art along with bold pieces of sculpture and neon pieces. Graphic backdrop is much better than hard look of sober high gloss walls.

Go for a single shade- If you want to make your wall art a focal point of attention, it is important to paint the home in a single shade, including the moldings and trims, so as to avoid the distractions. While the architectural details should be similar to wall color as single paint makes the wall art as a focal point. Or you could opt for a different strategy wherein you could paint the half wall in one shade and other half in the different color. Paradoxically, it will also enhance the look of the wall art and it will command more attention.

If you are confused, keep it simple– Unless you have a specific treasured piece of wall art, you will not re-paint the home again for specific wall art. Sometimes neutral tones of walls are the best to give your artwork the attention that it needs. It is the easiest way to decorate the room.

Sometimes the right choice is to find simple ways to décor the room. Minimal always work. If you are planning to display minimal wall art, it is important to have neon sculptures, with a backdrop of the dead and matte finish. It is likely the only choice that you may have. When you opt to showcase less demanding wall art, go for the textured finish of the wall. It will further enrich the look of the room..


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