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Interior Home Decoration Styles for 2020


Interior Home Decoration Styles for 2020

There were times when home-decoration was limited to decorating the home interiors with high-quality upholstery, but nowadays the trends have shifted. Today, the interior designers are paying keen attention to details and are adding modern elements like geometric half cut engineered designs, damask infusion with textures to brighten up space. Here’s a look at how to decorate a modern home

Paint the walls– Opt for the shades of grey for the paint to achieve the softer look and it can be further complemented with playful accessories and embellished cushions. You can add hues of aqua, pinks, and turquoise to make the room look chic.

For small rooms- If you have a space constraint, it is preferable to mix and match the different colors with a shade of white to give a spacious appearance to the room. Opt for light weight furniture and go for delicate décor elements so that it doesn’t overwhelm the room or dominate the space.

Sophisticated rooms– There are many of us, who still like to give your home a sophisticated appearance. If you are one among them, a neutral palette is a great option to choose from. The point is valid for rooms of any size.

Bigger rooms– If you have a spacious home, the traditional ideas like solid textured upholstery and bold colors will do the trick. You can accentuate the room further by adding textured upholstery with bold colours and embellish it with cushions in geometric, damask patterns. All these are great choices for a big bedroom. The traditional black and white concept will never go wrong and it will work well for the different seasons. The bold color scheme is a great pick for any kind of room. You can further accentuate the room with lace, pompom, and tassels to make the ambiance look more interesting and intrigue.

Curtains- Curtains play an important role in creating the look of the room. It can further make the space look stylish and beautiful. The modern home curtains are light-weight sheer curtains. These curtains are high in quality and offer delicate yet sophisticated feel. If you want to give your home a regal and a royal look, textured drapes are the best.

For paneling, it is better to avoid using heavy drapes and go for sheer curtains with embellished tones (lace, trims), etc. These curtains not only allow natural light to pass through easily but also go with the overall look of the home.

Wall– Art- Wall art plays a crucial role in any home. It improves the look of the space and makes it look exquisite. You can mix together different wall art of different sizes to create a nice look for your home. There are certain rules to follow


  • Oversized wall art- these wall art are 100 cm in length or more than that. Before buying such wall art, it is important to measure the space and see if it can accommodate the piece.
  • Large- the size frame is around 80-100 cm in length. The large wall art serves to be a focal point.
  • Medium- this wall art falls under the category of 60-70 cm long. Some pieces are standalone and yet others go well when coupled with each other.
  • Small- a small wall art hanging goes will with the different pieces of furniture and it goes well in pairs or groups.
  • Mini-it is the smallest size wall art that ranges from 25-44 cm. Think about it as a size of paper or a mini piece of art. You can see them in collections.

While selecting the wall art, it is important to check the size of the rooms. Most bathrooms cannot accommodate oversized pieces of art and living rooms should not be decorated with mini wall art. Other important rules that one should select the wall art that goes with the overall style of the room that include furniture or articles that you have in the room, invest in at least one oversized wall art that you will see for the years to come, purchase mini pieces of wall art, use frames and wooden wall art.interior-home-decoration-styles-for-2020

Doormat- a small and negligent element of home décor is a doormat. In order to grab the attention, pick out the creative doormat that complements with the overall look of the home interiors.interior-home-decoration-styles-for-2020

Themes that you can explore– There are several themes that you can explore in order to give your home a fresh look. Some of them are mentioned here the geometric theme, floral theme, urban theme and contemporary looks. Ensure that your personality is reflected in your home interiors, while you concentrate on making it more beautiful and elegant.

Creating a modern home is not that difficult, these tricks will further help to make your home look attractive, regal and modern with distinct style.interior-home-decoration-styles-for-2020.


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