Kensington Bedroom

Kensington Luxury Bedroom Furniture 1

Kensington Bedroom is a unique furniture collection with an industrial style made to last for generations. Featuring custom solid wood construction with metal locks, the collection includes designs

Thanks to its modern design it can be paired with most modern styles, from urban to contemporary to mid-century. We’ve taken special care to select high-quality materials and craftsmanship that will make this bedroom furniture set perfect for your home.

Kensington Headboard

The Kensington Headboard is the perfect complement to our mattress collections. Whether it’s a full bed with an artful headboard or just a small accent piece at the foot of a bed, our headboards add individuality and style.

Kensington Luxury Bedroom Furniture 2

Kensington Bedside Table

Kensington Luxury Bedroom Furniture 3

The Kensington bedside table is a simple, attractive side table that will look superb in any bedroom. With a contemporary style and sturdy construction, this bedside table is the perfect storage solution for your bedroom.

Our Bedside Table Collection is designed to create a complete luxury home. The bedside table features a drawer and different designs to choose the perfect table for your luxury room.

Kensington Armchair

The Armchair was designed to provide superior comfort and function, at an exceptional value. it will remain strong and durable throughout the years. With a high-impact molded back and a sturdy frame, the Armchair withstands daily activities. The cushioned seat provides extra comfort while adding to the timeless look of this chair.

Kensington Luxury Bedroom Furniture 4

Please note that our customers can customize their Kensington Bedroom with different pieces of furniture