Knightsbridge Living Room

living room with luxury blue velvet sofa

Price starting from 10070 £

Knightsbridge Living Room Consists of:

Sofa: £3400 (W 160 cm x D 82 cm x H 86 cm)

Coffee Table: £2900 (W 140 cm x D 120 cm x H 27.5 cm)

Side Table: £310 (W 40 cm x D 40 cm x H 55 cm)

2Side Tables: £1240 (W 50 cm x D44 cm x H 60 cm)

Ottoman: £1175 (W 120 cm x D 80 cm x H 42 cm)

Chair: £2165 (W 75 cm x D 82 cm x H 92 cm)

Total Room Price Was £11500 Now £10070

A luxury home is a mixture of unique design, high quality, and exquisite furniture. Being able to find all of these factors in one place can be difficult, even if you’re working with a professional interior designer.

There are several considerations and things to take into account like fabric, construction materials, color, and how it ties the room together as well as your lifestyle.

High-quality living room furniture is the key to designing a luxurious home. This is why Knightsbridge living room offers a wide range of high-end furniture, including sofas, coffee tables, armchairs, and sideboards.

Knightsbridge Sofa

Choosing the best luxury sofa is not an easy task in addition to that, there are a huge number of options in terms of material, color, style, and size. These factors have to be matched against your specific taste and budget.

Knightsbridge sofa is a perfect sofa for your luxury room. It features low arms, covered in fabric that looks like smooth leather. This contemporary-style chair contains a premium base with a solid hardwood frame and durable metal frames.

Knightsbridge Luxury Living Room Furniture 1

Knightsbridge Table

coffee table

Knightsbridge table is perfect for any luxury room. The table is crafted with the highest quality materials, finest finishes and is built to last you for generations. While each piece comes with a distinct personality, a Knightsbridge collection complements the existing style of your home furnishings flawlessly.

Knightsbridge Ottoman

Knightsbridge ottoman is one of the most stylish and classy-looking pieces in furniture industry. It is the best luxurious ottomans for any home to create cozy and comfortable resting place.

Knightsbridge Luxury Living Room Furniture 2

Knightsbridge Side Table

side table

Knightsbridge side table is the perfect addition to your luxury room. It is a statement piece and would be perfect for making an impression at your next event or party. Our side table in solid wood with a polished finish and soft bronze finish on extraneous details. It is made from solid wood which has that characteristic texture that no other material can emulate.

Knightsbridge chairs

A luxurious, contemporary armchair in high quality fabric upholstery with a solid beech frame. The luxurious feel of the soft, smooth fabric makes this range perfect for the modern home or office and it suits both traditional and contemporary interiors. It is also available in a wide range of fabrics to compliment your interior design scheme.

Knightsbridge Luxury Living Room Furniture 3

Please note that our customers can customize their Knightsbridge living room with different pieces of furniture