Hoxton Bedroom


Price starting from 7510 £

Hoxton Bedroom Consist of:

Headboard: £1390
W 180 cm x D 10 cm x H 150 cm

2 Bedside Tables: £1360
W 63 cm x D 60 cm x H 41 cm

Side Table: £360
W 55 cm x D 55 cm x H 59 cm

Ottoman: £840
W 115 cm x D 67 cm x H 40 cm

Chair: £860
W 68 cm x D 75 cm x H 90 cm

Media Unit: £3530
W 192 cm x D 51.5 cm x H 81.5 cm

Total: £8340  £7510

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Choosing bedroom furniture is not a plain operation. First of all, it should be nice, delicate and beautiful. Besides these properties, the personal taste of a regular customer will play a huge role in this process. And for this reason, there is no general solution that fits all the tastes and properties.

Hoxton bedroom furniture has many different designs which you can choose from. It is made from high-quality material that can be used for years. Hoxton is perfect for everyone you know, whether it is for children or adults. It is very easy to clean and you can just wipe it with a cloth and then it will be in its best condition.

Hoxton bedroom furniture is a refreshing change for a contemporary lounge, family room, or bedroom. Inspired by European designs, the design is comfortable and stylish. People who love luxury have been asking for high-end furniture that is stylish and affordable.

You can actually own Hoxton bedroom furniture because they are not only beautiful but very sturdy. The beds and sofas are perfect for any room that you will want to add personality to your house.

Hoxton Bedside Table

Hoxton Bedroom Furniture 1

Bedside tables come in various sizes and styles, built from different materials. Choosing the best bedside table is an important decision because it will be placed adjacent to the bed you spend most of your time on.

A well-chosen bedside table can completely change the appearance of your bedroom while still serving its functional purposes.

The Hoxton Bedside Table is the perfect solution for any bedroom, with its simple and clean lines. Paired with the Hoxton Bedroom range, this table is a versatile bedside table made of solid wood.

Hoxton Chair

Choosing which chairs to put in your bedroom is almost as important as choosing which wardrobe is right for you.

You want a chair with comfortable padding that will allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the time you spend in your bedroom.

The Hoxton chair is crafted from solid timber, featuring a comfy design. Featuring solid wood construction.

Hoxton Bedroom Furniture 2

Hoxton Curtain Makers

Choosing a modern curtain design is really tricky if you do not have a basic idea or guidance on it. You should find some great ideas to choose the most appealing curtain design for your bedroom.

Modern curtain ideas should be unique yet simple and you can use the creative concept in order to decorate it.

There are many different curtain makers and you have to choose one that suits you the best. You have to carefully consider some factors including the quality, costs, as well as the reputation of the provider of these curtain-making services.

Hoxton Bedroom Content

Please note that our customers can customize their Hoxton bedroom with different pieces of furniture