Richmond Living Room Furniture

Pink Velvet Armchair And Ottoman Set

Price starting from 9065 £

Richmond Living Room Consist of:

Sofa: £1310
W 221 cm x D 98 cm x H 90 cm

Coffee Table: £6160
W 100 cm x D 100 cm x H 42 cm

Side Table: £495
W 55 cm x D 55 cm x H 60 cm

2 Poufs: £1070
W 45 cm x D 45 cm x H 48 cm

Chair: £1035
W 70 cm x D 74 cm x H 83 cm

Total: £1070  £9065

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The living room is the most vital room in the whole house. That’s why it matters a lot that the living room furniture is the best. Make your living room look great by having an arrangement of the right furniture for this space.

There is a lot more to decorating your living room than simply buying furniture. It’s important to consider how your home’s architecture, floor plan, and colors all work together before making any major changes. so you need to consult a bunch of interior designers until one matches your demands.

Richmond pouffes

Pouffes can truly change the look of your living room, so you need to choose carefully. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just moved in or want to change the outdated look and feel of your home, a quirky addition to any room is what you might be looking for.

Pouffes come in various shapes and sizes, with different frames, different designs.

Richmond Living Room Furniture 1

Richmond Table

Richmond side table

The side table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any room. It has a lot of functions to do and it is very important to choose one for your living room that will not be out of place but it would complement your other furniture.

Our luxury table collection is designed to bring a touch of extravagance no matter where you space. Take your pick – there is sure to be something that will complement your house.

Richmond Curtain Makers

All our curtains are handmade to the highest specifications. Englander line has been making a bespoke curtain for over 15 years, and still embraces the challenge.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of curtain. We have a challenging team with creative flair and energy to meet your requirements, for curtains, Pleated, Roller, or other custom-designed products.

Richmond Living Room Furniture

Velvet Dot Cushion

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£65.00 Including VAT

Please note that our customers can customize their Richmond Living Room with different pieces of furniture