Tooting Living Room

luxury living room with cross leg armchairs

Price starting from £ 7330

Tooting Living Room Consists of: 

Sofa: £2800 (W 225 cm x D 115 cm x H 80 cm) 

Coffee Table: £1250 (W 135 cm x D 105 cm x H 45 cm) 

Side Table 1: £600 (W 50 cm x D 50 cm x H 60 cm)

Side Table 2: £310 (W 40 cm x D 40 cm x H 55 cm)

Bench: £830 (W 124 cm x D 53 cm x H 44 cm)

2 Chairs: £2354 (W 72 cm x D 67 cm x H 106 cm)

Total Room Price Was £8144   Now  £7330

A living room is the first place your guests see when entering your home. Even if it’s just for a brief moment, that makes the decorating and furnishing of this room extremely important.

It is the part of the house which represents you and your personality to the guests. By decorating your living room properly you are making a good job of creating a relaxing atmosphere in the very center of your home.

Decorating your living room is probably the most challenging part of decorating a home interior. There are so many different styles and elements that you need to consider when designing a living space. Follow this guide to get inspired by our examples of living room furniture.

Tooting living room furniture is one of the best collections which is designed for the living room to make the home more luxurious.

Tooting Chair

One of the key features in a living room is the furniture items. Chairs especially have to match the style and theme of the room, which can be a little tricky because you need to blend comfort with a good-looking design.

Decorating the living room is all about seating and right-sized furniture.

A Tooting Chair is the perfect addition to sitting and having one comfortable seat. It can be used as a single chair, a pair of side chairs, or as an accent chair in the corner.

Tooting Living Room Furniture 1

Tooting Table

Tooting table

Every living room seating area needs the ideal coffee table. It is the focal point for drinks and snacks, which are served throughout the day.

Choosing the perfect Coffee Table for your living room can be tricky. There are many design ideas out there, and sometimes it all gets too overwhelming trying to figure out which one will go best with your interior design idea. We know how hard it is to choose the right table and we want to help you solve this problem.

we offer a wide range of living room tables collection in various styles including coffee tables, side tables. and console tables.

Tooting Living Room Content

Please note that our customers can customize their Tooting living room with different pieces of furniture