Manchester Living Room

Manchester Luxury Living Room Furniture 1

Price starting from £ 4788

Manchester Living Room Consist of: 

Sofa: £2800  (W 200 cm x D 100 cm x H 77 cm) 

Coffee Table: £960 (W 60 cm x D 75 cm x H 35 cm) 

Side Table: £220 (W 56 cm x D 56 cm x H 58 cm )

Bench: £450 (W 161 cm x D 47 cm x H 51 cm)

Accent Chair: £810 ( W 74 cm x D 71 cm x H 98 cm)

Total Room Price Was £5240   Now  £4788

Luxury furniture is becoming a must. Buying the right luxury furniture for your living room will make a statement about you and your personality. It’s one of the most important rooms in the house and will forever set the tone for an unforgettable impression upon your guests.

Manchester Luxury Living Room Furniture is famous for its flexibility and versatility. Made from premium quality materials and crafted by master craftsmen. With the clean, sleek lines, they represent a lifestyle of elegance and comfort. They create an atmosphere of warmth and luxury. We provide high-quality furniture, stylish designs at affordable prices.

Manchester Sofa

If you’re looking for a new couch, which could truly be one of your biggest investments, it makes sense that you want to spend some time weighing all your options. But the task isn’t easy. It’s made even more difficult when you love several different styles, and can’t decide on just one.

Our luxury sofa range is perfect for those who want something different, attention to detail, and a touch of class for their home. Take a look through our exclusive collection.

Manchester Luxury Living Room Furniture 2

Manchester Table

Manchester Luxury Living Room Furniture 3

Add a touch of elegance with our luxury coffee table collection. It is perfect for any room in your home. The luxurious coffee tables have a beautiful appearance that will enhance the way to feel while you’re enjoying your beautiful moments.

The luxury coffee tables are also available in different colors and materials including wood, glass, and more. This brings a touch of elegance to the contemporary living room that can add more beauty to the house.

Manchester Armchair

The chair made from the best quality material that adds a touch of elegance to your home, it tells a story all its own. From solid wood frames to expert handcrafts, each exquisite piece is special in every way. Browse our website to see how we can help you bring style to all areas of your home today.

Manchester Luxury Living Room Furniture 4

Manchester Side Table

Manchester Luxury Living Room Furniture 5

Luxury side tables and big statement pieces can create an extraordinary atmosphere in a room. When you’re surrounded by beautiful, unique furniture that is handcrafted with quality materials, the feeling is truly special. That’s the type of luxury that inspired this collection. We hope you enjoy the contemporary feel.

Manchester Benche

When it comes to the idea of living room furniture, it’s all luxury in nature. That can make it difficult for you as a buyer to find exactly what you want though. If you want high-quality luxury living room furniture, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our Luxury Bench collection is the perfect choice for your home’s luxury furniture.

Manchester Luxury Living Room Furniture 6

Please note that our customers can customize their Manchester Living room with different pieces of furniture