Marble Arch Living Room

Marble Arch Luxury Living Room Furniture 1

We are UK Interior designers specializing in luxury living room furniture. Our clients include celebrities, socialites, and royal clients. Current projects include interior design for luxury London hotels.

A Marble Arch living room furniture is crafted using solid wood in the UK & Europe. Our designers have created a range of living room furniture which highlights the natural beauty of selected timbers. Our furniture is available in a range of styles & finishes to give you the chance to create your own unique space.

Marble Arch Sofa

For a sophisticated, relaxing background in your living room, the Marble Arch sofa is a perfect choice. The frame is made from solid hardwood, oak finish. A luxurious and equally comfortable 2-seater, this is a wonderful central location for conversation and relaxation and makes a stunning focal point for any living area.

Marble Arch Luxury Living Room Furniture 2

Marble Arch Table

Marble Arch Luxury Living Room Furniture 3

Our elegant and classic  Marble Arch coffee table will add a touch of luxury and extravagance to any living room. The stylish table is made from solid marble, which gives it a weighty but elegant feel.

our each coffee table is original and handmade. Patterns and colors are mixed and matched to give the illusion of depth and light. every piece is a work of art.

Marble Arch Armchair

The Marble Arch Armchair is expertly crafted to the highest standards of quality. With old-world craftsmanship and a modern aesthetic, our luxury armchair is perfect for a living room featuring traditional furniture or a more contemporary interior.

Marble Arch Luxury Living Room Furniture 4

Please note that our customers can customize their Marble Arch Living room with different pieces of furniture