Mayfair Living Room

luxury living room collection

Price starting from 5439 £

Mayfair Living Room Consists of:

Sofa: £1453 (W 220 cm x D 95 cm x H 70 cm)

Coffee Table: £2495 (W 130 cm x D 80 cm x H 35 cm)

Side Table: £1395 (W 50 cm x D 50 cm x H 60 cm)

2 Chairs: £700 (W 71 cm x D 85 cm x H 100 cm)

Total Room Price Was £6043 Now £5439

Whether you’re planning a new home or simply ready to update your current décor, you have a lot of choices in luxury furniture. Nobody wants to regret an expensive decision, whether it’s about creating your dream home or making sure your space matches your personal style.

This is why we offer a huge selection of the best luxury furniture on the market today. It’s time to turn your house into the dream home of your dreams.

Mayfair luxury living room furniture is very special in its design. It has got this luxurious look that makes your room stand out.

Mayfair Luxury Living Room is the most outstanding, luxurious and stylish furniture collection that exists.

Mayfair Sofa

Mayfair Sofa is one of the best luxury living room furniture. If you have a room you want to make feel more luxurious, you may be trying to find the perfect furniture to complement it. From tables to chairs and cabinets to beds, Mayfair Sofas has the perfect selection of furniture in all styles and colors for your home.

Mayfair Luxury Living Room Furniture 1

Mayfair Table

Mayfair Luxury Living Room Furniture 2

Our luxury coffee table is perfect for your luxury room. Our luxury coffee table is made from the finest materials with the highest quality standards, so you can decorate your living room with our coffee table. Our new collection has many different styles and materials.

Mayfair Armchair

Our luxury armchair is perfect for your luxury living room. Featuring clean lines, a deep seat and a high back, it’s a true piece of furniture with personality.

Mayfair Luxury Living Room Furniture 3

Please note that our customers can customize their Mayfair Living Room with different pieces of furniture