Custom Made Luxury Mirrors

Mirrors are one form the important soft furnishing accessories. They are pieces for enhancing the décor in any space. You will see the mirrors as decorative essentials in luxury homes and hotels. presents a grand collection of luxury mirrors. We have a catalog full of rich fabric materials.mirror

These classy fabrics make our Mirrors classy pieces for decorating your luxury home. We conceive these luxury items with the finest stitches. The designing we offer is quite unique than common styles. Our creations have no match in the market. We create a décor enhancing piece that enhances your home’s look to many folds.mirror

Our designers choose the finest quality material for making these soft furnishing. You will get a unique design in every cushion in our collection. We have lots of color shades for making a match with your home interiors. Our classic Mirrors with embroidery and thread work are traditional beauty. We have contemporary and modern design prints for making a trendy item.mirror

You can choose the color and design of your choice from our rich collection. There is a grand variety of colors and prints you can select from. Give us your choice and we deliver you a piece of your desire. Our designer Mirrors have the beauty that compliments a dwelling space..

We offer completely handmade products in furniture as well as in soft furnishing. All of our services are completely bespoke. You will get the best quality in every piece from our store. We create the matching cushion set for your furniture. You will get modern as well as the classic style of  Mirrors as per your furniture style.
Our  Mirrors are the accessories that can enhance the décor of your living room, bedroom, or complete home. They are the things that can complete the look of your luxury bed and sofa. These luxury items have captivating charms that highlight the space where you add them.

Redefine the Comfort:

Englander Line is here with its exclusive collection of designer French mirrors that are beautifully handcrafted in the most gorgeous manner as the intricate carvings on the wooden outer frame, adds