Battersea is on the South Western part of London. Battersea falls within the London Borough of Wandsworth. It is on the Southern banks of the River Thames. The city has built around a church established on an island at the mouth of the Falconbrook. The city is full of classy people just as the furniture they use in their homes are. The furniture shops in Battersea does the most fruitful business here. Well, if you are looking for the types of furniture that reflects your class, then look no further. You are at the right place. Here we will describe the few furniture that you may want to choose for your new home in Battersea, Check out the list below:


  •       Prisma Cabinet: Are you looking for furniture for your Batterseahome that will reflect your class in it as well as provide you with a storage solution? Well, The Prisma Cabinets are ready to help you. The wooden structure with lucrative designs is enhanced with its steel legs that help to elevate the textural contrast. These cabinet units are the boasts of four doors, each of which is in a black lacquered glass. The matte finish of the doors enhances the looks of the storage cabinet.
  •       Cookie coffee table:This cookie coffee table is nothing but the innovative modern centrepiece that will make your drawing room a luxurious space to live in. These solid wood frames are a long-lasting addition to your living room decoration. The foam padding makes these centrepieces look elegant and classy as well as cozy while the base is accented in polished brass. The Eucalyptus Frise top adds some contrast to the upholstery.
  •       Bookcase:These bookcases are not just a functional storage space, but these bookcases will provide an elegant space to place your books. Books have always reflected the class of yours. Your favorite books organized on this classy bookcase will make you look more geek and matured as well as the work of the art will add some texture to your home. These practical wall addition is crafted of high-quality metal and has a durable finish. The integrated panels styled with polished brass are the perfect companion for your books as well as for your drawing room.

So, here are some of the best furniture designs you may want to opt to have them in your home in Battersea. We offer a vast range of classy furniture in Battersea at reliable prices.