Englander Line is here with its exclusive collection of designer French mirrors that are beautifully handcrafted in the most gorgeous manner as the intricate carvings on the wooden outer frame, adds to the exquisite appeal of one such antique looking wall mirror. We bring to you a wonderful collection of antique French mirrors in a classical style as they are loved by a majority of modern as well as luxury homes across UK that always look for beautiful home decor items, especially for their living rooms and bedrooms. We are one of the leading furniture companies in London, producing the best of heritage furniture and furniture accessories that definitely increase the beauty and aesthetic appeal of a home or a living space in particular. When it comes to buying an authentic French style wall hanging mirror in London, we are the first and foremost name that comes to the minds of all passionate homeowners who want to give their abode that exquisite appeal.

Here, you can choose from an extensive range of ornately designed wall mirrors or floor standing mirrors that are flawlessly executed on hardwood and thus provide that exquisite beauty to an abode or living space. We have in our assorted collection, the finest of Venetian mirrors and French style mirrors that are truly masterpieces in wood and glass. View our exclusive gallery of bedroom and living room mirrors that come in a variety of shape, style and design that perfectly complements the ambience of a living space, be it of a home or a heritage hotel. It is the luxury homes, mansions and hotels in Europe as well as in UK that buy our classic French style mirrors which are done in natural wood and either hand polished or distressed painted flawlessly in the most elegant manner. View some of our exquisite looking mirrored bedside table and floor mirrored table that are ornately designed and intricately hand carved on the finest quality wood that is available in the whole of Europe.

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