French Style Beds

Design for you master bedroom as ‘Englander Line’ brings to you some exquisite looking French and Italian beds in London that are ornately designed and intricately handcrafted in a flawless manner by using the best quality natural hardwood.

Our French style beds are classic in design as the ornate woodwork, splendid hand polishing and of course the Rattan finish on the headboard as well as on the bed end, gives out a vintage and rustic look. Today, more and more customers in UK are going for antique French style luxury bedroom furniture that are beautifully conceived in wood as they reflect class, sophistication the and elegance which is pristine. The intricate hand carving makes these furniture items even grander in outlook.

Classic Wooden Beds for Designer Homes

Our vintage style wooden beautiful beds and luxury beds the UK are the first choice among all modern homes in Great Britain and throughout  Europe that looks for exquisite furniture for their dwelling space to bolster the appeal and provide a touch of elegance.

The flawless Rattan finish on the headboard, the beautiful upholstery material in the form of cushion and Italian bedspreads are worth admiring and the beautiful bed hand carvings on the, and on the edges of these antique French beds the UK are simply, ‘outstanding’.

We have showcased for you, an extensive collection of designer French and Italian beds that are definitely style enhancers and at the same time provide maximum comfort french style bedroom furniture to the user.

Now you can shop for some of the most elegant looking French and Italian bedroom furniture, right here at ‘Englander Line’ as we offer luxury furniture items, all under one roof.

Our designer beds for sale are completely hand produced in hardwood that provides elegance, durability robustness that is actually required of bedroom furniture.

We produce the most elegant-looking designer beds in the UK as a majority of our clients prefer something rustic to relive that old-world charm in this modern era. Therefore, our bespoke French beds for sale are the perfect luxury furniture that a home desires in order to enhance and transform the look of its interiors in the most extensive manner.

Englanderline is here with its exclusive collection of beautiful Rococo bedroom furniture that is flawlessly hand carved and hand polished, thus providing a truly gorgeous appeal that is desired by every home.

Buy a designer French upholstered bed and get to see the difference it makes to your home interiors. Visit our exclusive luxury furniture store in London and get to see a collection of French-style beds and wooden beds in the most intricate design patterns.

Adding French Style furniture to your living place means adding style with royal looks. This French style bed is designed especially for French style furniture lovers.

Every Edge of these reflects the french style beds sale love and beauty. Their ornamentation-filled edges are their special parts designed with expert skills of craftsmen. You will get the finest quality French style furniture on

Intricate hand carving on its underframe and legs reflect its true beauty. The bespoke polishing is done with smooth touches of designer’s skilled hands give it a touch of perfection. It comes with a flawless Rattan Finish on its headboard as well as on its end. This smoothly done finishing make it a statement furniture item for placing it into your bedroom.

Rich Selection of Upholstery:

The solid wood frame is upholstered with pure cotton and silk upholstery. While selecting this rich upholstery we prefer for finest quality fabric for the enhancement of this designer French bed.

These French style beds are furniture items that every home lover required for perfect bedroom décor. The pure silk upholstery reflects the comfort that pleases not only the eyes but also the person while sleeping. The overall beauty from frame to its flawless upholstery is selected by our skilled designer while crafting this statement piece for your bedroom.

The upholstery shown in the image is in white color for making a perfect match with a deep dark frame. There is no compulsion to select only this color as you can select the color and fabric of your choice. Give us your choice and we customize the same piece as per your specification. These customizations are done for designing stylish as well as designer French bedroom furniture that matches with its interiors.

Classy Design:

The polished corners of strong hardwood frame designed with smooth curves and polished with hands make it an example of perfection. The overall look from its structure of the frame to the cheap french beds is absolutely stunning.

The rich upholstery adds a plus point to its beauty for making it a décor enhancer for your bedroom. This is a piece designed especially for designer and luxury homes.

The Cabriole style of legs, smooth Rattan finish and the professional framework on the solid wood are just remarkable.

The soft cushions and silk upholstered pillows will make it complement deserving furniture. You will get lots of compliments after installing it in your bedroom. So make it a first choice for enhancing the look of your bedroom.

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