Englanderline brings to you a whole new range of designer headboards. These are the bespoke creations that are just amazing in designs. They are available in a variety of styles and finishes. They are made up of the finest quality materials. Every headboard features its own unique style and design pattern.

They are designer furniture pieces that we specially design for your bedroom. It will give an authentic appeal to a simple looking space. They are the perfect headboards for your designer bedroom. It is the first choice of every homeowner who is looking for luxury headboards.

Strong Wooden Creations:

They are the robust pieces of furniture with strong wooden frames. We choose the pristine quality solid wood for making durable headboards. Our bespoke crafting reflects the supreme craftsmanship and dedication of our designers. We believe in building wooden beauty with strength. You will get the best quality that has no match.

Our unique designs and full handcrafting give it a sleek look. The strong wooden frame ensures long-lasting strength. Its flawless finish of polish gives it glossy look. We execute it flawlessly for your contemporary bedroom style. Our designers have wide experience in crafting these bold furniture pieces.

Dark Hand polishing:

We choose the best of finishes with the most beautiful color contrasts. We use deep dark polishing shades for making a designer piece. Full hand polishing gives a smooth finish that has a long lasting shine. We are the masters of designing beauty that is just unbearable in appeal. Dark shades of color stay for a longer time and go with every home style.

They create a matching look with every home interior style. You will love the style it carries and enhances the appeal of your dwelling space. You can opt for French style as well as contemporary style headboards. Some frames have beautiful ornate designing that reflects French style. The finish on woodwork highlights its designing and detailing.

Rich Upholstering:

Englanderline has a rich collection of upholstery fabrics. You will get the finest quality material in the fabric as well as leather headboard covers. We upholster these strong wooden frames in these rich materials. Thick foam filling makes them highly comfortable and soft in feel. You will get huge relaxation while you place your head on these luxury headboards.

They are perfect bedroom additions for giving a contemporary appeal. It will make your comfort zone more beautiful with its luxury look. We design these headboard covers with button tufting to give it a royal style. The straight lines and sublime finishing give it a gorgeous look and suitable for your bedroom. It has modern as well as contemporary styles in hardwood.


Overall these designer headboards are the perfect match for designer beds. They complete the look of your bedroom. It is the bespoke beauty in solid wood that stays new and beautiful for a long span of time. You will get these durable furniture pieces at a very reasonable price range. It has many upholstery options you can select from. You can buy a headboard with fabric upholstery as well as in leather finish.

Our hand polishing has no limit of praise because it makes them flawless. Everything from cutting to upholstering is bespoke. We use pristine quality hardwood, upholstery, and thick foam for making these luxury items. They are timeless beauties that retain their shine for a longer time. It is an essential furniture piece that can enhance the look of your bedroom. So complete the decor of your bedroom with these bespoke headboards.

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