French is the style to lookout for when you are buying our elegant design reproduction French sofa sets that are beautifully ornamented, upholstered and distressed painted to perfection. Our 3 seater French sofa sets are the prized possession for any home as they are beautifully handcrafted and hand produced from natural hardwood and by using the best quality upholstery fabric like cotton, Calico, velvet and leather. Our classic 3 seater sofas in ornate woodwork, hand polishing and superior quality upholstery are a treat for the eyes as they go about bolstering the appeal of a luxury home or a deluxe hotel to many folds. At Englander Line, we bring to you our collection of shabby chic French sofas and reproduction French sofa chairs that have intricate carvings on wood and ornate designs that catch the attention of all furniture lovers. The small spindle shaped legs, ornately designed under frame and the gilded finish make them the ultimate living room furniture.

We pride ourselves being the premier furniture maker in London, producing some stunningly beautiful antique furniture that are impressive in styling and craftsmanship, that is hard to find in any other furniture store in London. Our designer sofa chairs are elegantly conceptualized by making use of the best quality materials and the end result is gorgeous looking home furniture that is crafted to perfection and upholstered flawlessly. Our experienced designers create contemporary as well as antique style French sofas which are truly elegant in design and if you are thinking of buying one such designer French sofa set in London, we are the best place to get hold of your choicest of furniture that is definitely eye-catching and functional in design.

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