Are you looking for a French style Side table or sofa side table? Then we have an exclusive range of modern side tables UK our bespoke French side tables. We have our showcase full of new designer side tables. Each and every side table is crafted with hands of our deft English craftsmen. We provide a complete range of French style bespoke  which are robustly hand carved. These designer pieces have the capability to add elegance to the place where they are installed.

They are simply loaded with French Marquetry and last veneer finish is given by professional designers. All pieces are hand polished and are simply gorgeous in looks. You will get an unmatchable variety with rich quality and designs in our bespoke antique side table side tables. There are different styles patterns are used in their leg styles. You can opt between ornamental Cabriole style legs as well as straight spindle-shaped legs. We also provide side tables with a chest of the drawer as per the client’s requirement.

Check our collection of distressed paint finished side tables to buy a unique piece for your home. They serve as decor as well as functional tables while used on sides of sofa side table uk . We keep in mind what you exactly demand for enhancing your home’s décor. Our designers craft this aesthetics décor suitable for the place it is designed for. It will give an intellectual as well as sophisticated look to your home interiors. You can buy a head-turning piece of furniture in the category of side tables on

These small furniture pieces have their unique features and finish that make them purposeful for a home.  You can use it as a coffee table or can use it as décor by placing a flower vase on it. Our vintage coffee table uk is designed with Cabriole style legs to impress the guests in the first look. They will appreciate your choice for selecting such a cool furniture item for your home’s décor.

Choose from hardwood collection with marble top, marquetry top, and glass tops in French and Italian styles.  See the vast detailing done by our professional craftsmen. Bring this antique beauty to your home with a stylish and modern look. Enhance the appeal of your living place with these classic and designer hardwood pieces.   

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