Blinds are a simple yet effective way to protect the interiors of a living space from the harsh summer sun and they also enhance the beauty of home interiors. They are much simpler than roller blinds and hence they are easy to use and maintain. They provide a much sophisticated look to your interiors with a refreshing feeling. Englander Line offers a wide range of Roman blinds that come in a variety of colours, prints, fabric material and design. Their soothing colours, eye-catching prints and elegant fabric material are sure to give your living space that refreshing feel like never before.

Roman shades are typically classified into two broad types –

Flat Blinds

A Flat Roman Blind lies flat against the window when they are open. When they are closed, they form neatly stacked folds. This provides a neat and clean look, which is just perfect for interiors that have a minimalist design.

Hobbled Blinds

A Hobbled Roman Blind contains soft overlapping folds which are retained even when the blind is extended. This creates a flowing, almost a cascading feel. This is perfect for home interiors that are vibrant and colourful.

Designs and Colour

Roman shades come in a wide range of colours, designs and textures. These include the classic weaves to modern prints in bold colours. Apart from variations in the look and feel, Roman shades also come with different functionalities. For example, you have blinds with different light filtering capabilities which essentially determine how dark your room would be once the blinds are extended. You also get blinds that come without any chords.

At EnglanderLine, you get the widest range of Blinds UK at the best buy price. Our customers want nothing but the best and we believe that they deserve that. That’s why we offer roman shades in UK that is made up of high quality fabric that offers a premium touch to your home interiors. We also have a wide range of designs that fulfill the desires of our customers. We never want our customers to compromise. That’s why we offer them the best fabric, the best design, the best style and we offer them all at the best price.

So, get the perfect Roman blind for your home from Englander Line and make your interiors truly beautiful.

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