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The Right Designer Coffee Table For Contemporary Living Room

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Designer Coffee Table

A coffee table is a concise table that usually fits into the living room. It is used to put down coffee or any other beverage in between your sips. A coffee table is also used to place books, remote, drinks, or other accessories. On the other hand, the designer coffee table is more unusual than other mass-produced products. They provide you with all the luxury you are looking for!  Designer coffee tables tend to be more elegant, sophisticated and can definitely jazz up your entire house. Also, they can be interesting ice-breakers when you invite a few guests over for coffee!

A coffee table is convenient while sitting on the sofa to place small items in front of you the coffee table. While you are watching television and having a cup of coffee, you can place your remote control on the table while having coffee and place a cup of coffee on the table, using the remote control simultaneously.

Usually, coffee tables are made of wood that also allows putting your feet on them while relaxing on your couch. Designer coffee tables are selected according to the room and furniture design as they give an eye-catching look to your living room.

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Things to consider while choosing a coffee table

Coffee tables are functional and decorative. They not only make your life more convenient, but they play an important role in making an overall look of the living room. That is why it is important to consider a few things before selecting one for yourself.

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The size of the coffee table is usually small, but it depends on the size of the living room and space in the living room. It should be a maximum of 24 inches from seating, but if there is a need for an even bigger table, it is better to use two small size designer coffee tables.


Coffee tables usually have three shapes, square, rectangular, and round. Their shape depends on the shape of the furniture. If most of the room’s furniture is square-shaped, it is better to choose a round shape table to balance it. Similarly, for curvy furniture square or rectangular shaped table will do it nicely. Designer coffee tables tend to follow unorthodox details within them. For example, they might give you a stone-like vibe!


There are hundreds of different styles available for coffee tables. Some focus on the decorative aspect of it. Others may focus on the functional aspect of it. You need to balance both to choose the right table for you. If you want more storage space, you can use a table with a lower shelf.

It will create more space in the living room, as a table with a lower shelf can hold more objects. You can place the objects you use more frequently on top of the table and those you use once in a while on the table’s lower shelf.  


The finishing of the table depends on the finishing of other furniture. It is a good idea to create a contrast between them. If your furniture is shiny, the table with a rough texture will give an impressive look to it.

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