Shepherds Bush Dining Room

Shepherds Bush Luxury Dining Room Furniture 1

Price starting from 4310 £

Shepherds Bush Dining Room Consist of:

Dining Table: £1790 (W 220 cm x D 100 cm x H 76 cm)

6 Dining Chairs: £3000 (W 97 cm x D 64 cm x H 78 cm)

Total: £4790  £4310

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Shepherds Bush Dining Room is the smallest collection of luxury dining room furniture in the UK. Whether you are looking for a small table for your apartment or a huge dining room set to entertain friends and family, we have a stunning selection of made to measure furniture.

Shepherds Bush Dining Table

The Shepherds Bush dining table is beautifully constructed with a hand-finished solid oak top and veneer base, The table has an elegant dining chair with a high-quality fabric seat with a padded back.

Every table in our luxury Dining Tables collection is designed by professionals and coupled with the finest of natural materials for an elegant and comfortable dining experience to make your next gathering even more special.

Shepherds Bush Luxury Dining Room Furniture 2

Shepherds Bush Dining Chair

Shepherds Bush Luxury Dining Room Furniture 3

The Shepherds Bush dining chair set is ideal for people who like to want their decor luxury, or use it as accent furniture to help brighten up a room. The lightweight design makes it perfect as a dining chair for smaller spaces, with an elegant fabric that will suit any home setting.

Our dining chairs are the right choice for your home. elegant detailing, plush cushions, and high-quality modern designed materials make this chair a must-have piece in your dining room. Moreover, the elegant padded seat has a subtle curve on the back that gives you welcome support as you dine.

Please note that our customers can customize their Shepherds Bush Dining Room with different pieces of furniture