Soft Furnishings

Englander Line collection of elegant and stylish Soft Furnishings items are produced from the finest quality fabric material that enhances the grandeur of any living space, be it of a home or a hotel.

We are one of the leading suppliers of Italian home furnishings in the form of curtains, cushions, cushion covers, blinds, bed sheets, bedspreads, luxury mattress toppers, and a complete new range of furnishing products that are produced, right here in London.

The quality of these home decor items are of the highest quality and we ensure that they perfectly blend with the modern interiors, aesthetics, and decor of a residence or a luxury hotel in the most fluid manner.

The quality of our furnishing accessories are unparalleled as we bring to you some classic beauties in pure Chinese silk, Egyptian cotton, and Italian velvet that is ‘outstanding’ and ‘exceptional’.

The designer furnishing items that we sell from our exclusive store in Croydon is certainly of the finest quality as our high-profile customers always look for pristine home decor products that are wonderfully conceived on the best of fabric.

Being the leading soft furnishing store in London, we sell a variety of furnishings and accessories that are made to perfection in a bespoke manner, satisfying the exact specification of clients.

We bring to you some of the finest home furnishing UK that are conceived and produced in a flawless manner by using quality fabric material and the soothing colors, fine stitches, gorgeous prints are like icing on the cake that goes about enhancing the aesthetics of a room.

In London, we are a name to reckon as we offer an extensive collection of curtains, cushions, blinds, and mattresses that are perfect for any bedroom or living room.

If you are seriously contemplating buying a Roman blinds, bedspread, cushion, mattress topper, or for that matter a soft headboard, it is Englanderline Ltd. that can provide you with a myriad of designs when it comes to choosing quality home furniture and soft furnishings, all under one roof.​


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