Getting the Right Measurements for your Curtains

How to Measure Curtains?

Englanderline makes measuring curtains job easy for you; all you will need to do is to follow the coming steps to get the right measurement. Generally, it is very important to measure the curtain track and curtain pole, not the window width.

Made to Measure Curtains

Made to Measure Curtains

Having the exact and right measurement helps us to calculate the fabric needed for your curtains.

Another point to consider is that if you are willing to fit a new track or pole, a distance of 15cm to 20 should be extended above and on the sides of the curtain.


It is very important to measure the width of the curtain track or pole and ignore the width of the window itself as shown. When fitting a new curtain track or a curtain pole, it is highly recommended that 15cm to 20cm should be extended of the sides and above the window recess. This allows your curtains to look great in your interior space and to be perfectly stacked back off the window.

Measure track 1

Is it important to have a center overlap when fitting a new curtain

Some people prefer to have a centre overlap as it looks great and eye-catchy inside your living space. when fitting a centre overlap, it is important to measure the track width and the overlap.

If you have a rail with a centre overlap, measure the rail as above and then measure the overlap and add the two measurements together as shown below.

centre overlap

Total track width = Measure A + B 


When measuring curtain poles, it is important to measure the width of the curtain poles between finials or end caps. This is the width that needs to be considered when measuring curtain poles as shown.

curtain poles


There are two options for the curtains. They can be hung to the floor, to a sill or below the sill. If you wish them to break on the floor, it is important to an adequate length if you are willing to break on the floor as shown.

curtain drop measurements


Measuring the drop from a pole has to be done for many parts, including pencil pleat, triple and double pleat headings. It is also important to measure underneath the decorative rings to the place where you want your curtains to be finished.

measuring the drop from a pole


The eyelet will fit poles up to 63mm in diameter with the inner edge of the eyelet set down 3cm from the top of the curtain. Measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtains to finish and add 3cm.

measuring the drop


When it comes to measuring the valance rail, it is important to use the board width to specify the required size of valance. This measures roughly about 30cm wider than the curtain rail because of the returns on both ends as shown.

measuring valances