Motorized Curtains

Englanderline company’s expert team is not only proud of the company’s craftsmanship and highest quality, but also on keeping up with the most advanced technologies in the industry. People’s busy lives and great demands have opened new avenues with regard to home automation systems and the latest trend in interior design. thanks to these motorized curtains and electric blinds, the way we control our smart homes and window treatments have dramatically changed into better.

Evoke your interior space with the new technology of our motorized curtains and blinds. For the best light and shading control, these motorized curtains and blinds come with a wide range of wireless systems, battery options and electric operated systems, letting you to control light inside your living space with comfort and ease. This means that adjusting your window treatment could be easily done by a touch of a button.

It is also noteworthy that Englanderline company uses Lutron which is one the world’s leading lighting and shading systems. Lutron’s products cover different shading applications which are all easy to integrate with other systems in your interior space. These systems will work in harmony to add an exquisite look inside your home.

Englanderline also uses Silent Gliss curtain tracks and poles. Silent Gliss is one of the well-known suppliers in  United Kingdom and all over the world  providing  great selection of products that will suit many home décors.

This is to ensure that Englanderline furniture company is coping with the latest technology and working hard to satisfy our customers. Our integrated systems can be also operated and controlled via many applications and devices, including laptops, tablets or smart phones.