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To meet our customers’ satisfaction, Englanderline is supplied by Silent Gliss, providing the highest standard of fabrics. Our company has been rated to be one of the leading suppliers for curtains’ fabrics, motorized and manual curtains as well as blinds systems in the United Kingdom.  Englanderline offers a wide range of good quality fabrics, styles and colors that channel both function and sumptuous designs across different window treatment systems. All fabrics are tested to be flame retardant. With our wide range of fabric product choices, you will be able to pick the perfect design that suit your home décor as follows:

Silent Gliss 5400 series curtains tracks 

The curtain track of 5400 series has been rated to be one top leading track available in the UK market. The 5400 series allows its users to have a smooth start/stop function.

Silent Gliss 4960 series roller shade

The 4960 series roller shade has a wide range of user-friendly features, enhancing the functionality of 4960 series. Series 4960 roller shade is provided with a small drive barrel, allowing multiple shades inside your interior space. This can be easily done and controlled by a localized switch, existing management system or RF remote control. The drive of 4960 series is quiet and fast as well as adding a striking look to your interior space.

Silent Gliss 6150 Metropole

The alluringly and pleasing design of Metropole channels both functionality of automated operation and simplicity in design. Series 6150 is available in a wide range of divine and multiple finishes. The irresistible design of 6150 Metropole will look great in contemporary home décors, adding a sumptuous aesthetic to your interior space.

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