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The Best Colours To Choose For Your Sofa This Autumn

The best colours to choose for your sofa

Trying to find the best luxury home furniture for autumn? Then focus on your couch first and foremost. What are the most popular colours this fall?

When it comes to buying luxury home furniture, one of the first places to start is always going to be your sofa. The sofa is easily one of the most important features in any room and acts as one of the focal points for setting the colour scheme. With every season, though, comes a desire for a new look that matches the time of the year. With that in mind, you might wonder what the best colours to choose from this winter would be. Let’s take a look at the best colours to choose for your sofa to go for this Fall.

What are the best colours to choose for sofa this fall?

Focus on something deep

First off, you want to find something that is vibrant. We typically like to go for something a bit deeper in autumn. This could be something as simple as a deep orange or a rich, fiery-looking red colour scheme. Typically, you want something in yellow, orange, red, or brown. Think about the colours of autumn and how the leaves go – these are the colour schemes that tend to look best as we enter the fall period.


Do not discount brown

As mentioned above, brown is quite a popular choice – especially something darker, like a cocoa or mocha colour. This works well as it can help to match the colour of the drinks you are enjoying at this time of year. You should look for something vibrant without being too light; you get plenty of vibrant yet dark colours to choose from.

Find something that is a positive contrast

If you have gone for lighter walls, i.e., an orange or a yellow, you might find that something like a chocolate or a maroon sofa can work quite well as a positive contrast. Positive contrasts stand in total difference from the other colour but still complement it. For example, blue and yellow are not similar at all, but when combined, they can look rich and intriguing. The same goes for many autumn-inspired colour schemes.

Wine and grape colours are in, too

Deep and passionate-looking purples that match the tone of a grape or a glass of wine can look great throughout the year. During fall, though, this can provide the most striking kind of finish. Wine and grape are a fine choice for a sofa or seating area that just looks a bit more serious.

Again, you want to ensure that this positively contrasts the rest of the room, so do not go for a wine colour if you have gone for something like a darker green tone.

white and brown living room

Consider a print if you want to avoid solid colours

If you go down the route of having a print on your sofa, you should look for something autumnal. Willow prints are very popular in the fall but can still look good for the rest of the year. You have many options for patterns, but if you want something that pairs up with this time of year, you should again be looking for oranges, yellows, darker shades of red, and browns.

There is much that goes into choosing a sofa for the fall and even for the winter. By sticking with the above, you should find something that fits all year round while standing out during the fall. Shop around with our store, and see what you can find that matches up with the colours you find most attractive during the end of year.

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