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Traditional Interior Design Will Make Your Home Ancient!


Traditional Interior Design

When talking about traditional design, you need to understand that this is real old time design of the British which is rooted sometime in the 19th and the 20th century. This design is considered as ‘rich’ and is more on the formal side. This design can bring in warmth in most homes. This décor of the English style is a mixture of highly valuable, old or only functional décor. Observing the traditional décor, you get a feel that it has taken generations to put this together. Getting some information on the character of this décor you find it easier to decide if this can work well for you.traditional-Interior-design

The Influence: As mentioned, this traditional décor is inspired by the old tie European décor. This décor exemplifies elegance and I considered as timeless. This works perfect for all those who are in love with antiques, symmetry, art pieces which are classic and other elements which are enriched in history. This décor has a friendly charm and speaks of harmony.

Regal Furniture: This traditional design is ‘not’ minimalistic and the same applies to the furniture. Traditional furniture is heavy and sumptuous. You find a lot of button-tufted and claw-foot pieces along with metallic details, carved wood and armchairs. This furniture is almost always made of maple, mahogany and cherry. The upholstery is made of high-end fabrics like leather, velvet and silk.  

Another important factor in traditional decorating is the silhouette. This is famous for its wingback couches, curved lines and the furniture in the Sheraton, Chippendale and Queen Anne style.traditional-Interior-design

Rich and Dark Colors: This style is perfect for those who love dark woods, rich tones and refined colors. Decorating the interior in this traditional manner, you need to ensure that the colors on the walls are of a neutral shade. This allows the accent pieces, artwork and the furniture stand out. In this design you have colors like brown, green, red and warm jewel tones. The fusion of these colors with neutral walls creates a space which is inviting and warm besides being dignified. Traditional décor patterns include floral, plaids, stripes and damasks.

Hardwood floors blend well with this style. Ensure that the hue is rich. Traditional spaces have floors of maple, cherry, merbau, mahogany and maple.traditional-Interior-design

Furnishings: Fine details are what this traditional design is all about. You find china classic lamps, candleholders, vases, shades, mirrors, throw pillows which are decorative, chandeliers and book collections in a traditionally designed home. For added sophistication you can add a dash of gold or silver.

A traditional space includes heavy valances, drapes and curtains. It is important to have area rugs in these spaces.

Architectural Elements: For that absolute ‘traditional’ look it is important to look into the architectural elements. This includes wood paneling, columns, built-in cabinetry, crown molding and ceilings which are either coffered or tray. Traditional design gives ‘symmetry’ a lot of importance. Everything in this design is in pairs, be it the sofas tables, lamps, chairs accessories or sconces. This pairing leads to a balance in space around any point which is important focally.

Predictable Decoration: In a traditional room you find most of the things here are orderly and there is no feel of any chaos. Though the furnishing might be outdated, they have a specific class about them. Most of the pieces in a traditional room are consistent and match perfectly.  

Arranging furniture: Furniture in this traditional setting is arranged on straight axis within a specific room. Like, you find that the sofa is placed facing the fireplace or be in perpendicular to it. The bed backs up to the center of a bedroom wall which is the longest.

Molding and Trim: The trim and molding in these types of homes are generally white in color. For the formal look crown molding is the preferred choice. The walls can have molding details or even a chair rail. The ceilings have simple beams and are normally white.

Dining space: Traditional homes have a dining room which is separate and some cabinets which are built-in for storage of china. The hardwood floor in his room is covered with an area rug. A rectangular table has a set of chairs which are matching. You also find a side board which is matching with a buffet or china cabinet.

Window Coverings: Traditional hoes have window coverings which are termed as ‘classic’. You find traverse draperies, narrow shutters and sheers with pinch pleated treatments. At times you have valances and cornices.

Light Fixtures: For that classy look of traditional décor you find lamp shades with wall sconces, silk shades or probably floor lamps. The shades are plain normally in ivory or white.

Traditional Furniture Benefits: The furniture used for traditional décor adds a touch of royalty to the total setting. The furniture is heavy and make of good quality wood, which means, this can last for a long period of time without being repaired or replaced. A traditional décor takes you back in time in a classy manner and is comfortable for anyone and everyone.

Before opting for a specific type of décor for your interiors you need to work out what are the requirements. You need to be comfortable with the surroundings and choose the design accordingly.

Opting for a professional designer can be an apt solution as they are qualified to design your home keeping your personality and style in mind. You are ensured that all your requirements are met to the tee. Designers chosen can help you in eliminating costly mistakes made in case you decide to design the home on your own. You need to understand that a home designed by a qualified professional is anytime higher in value as compared to the houses designed by the homeowner.

Traditional interior design can work well within a specific budget with the right experienced professionals. Major design flaws are concealed and you have a home with the apt traditional décor.  The smallest of details are looked into, which is sparing you from uncalled for hassles and tensions..


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