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Lowie Sofa


This is a modern or contemporary design two seater sofa in UK which is characterized by thick cushion seating, Calico


Noa Sofa


BRITISH ELEGANCE This Noa sofa in a classic as well as contemporary silhouette is exquisitely handcrafted in natural solid hardwood

Englander Line is here with its exclusive range of designer sofa sets that are adorned in premium quality cotton, Calico or leather upholstery fabric. Our designer sofas are intricately hand carved, ornately designed and hand polished in a flawless manner. Some of our 2 seater French sofas have a contemporary look whereas some have a vintage appeal as customer preferences vary. The elegant upholstery work and the distressed paint as well as the Gilded finish on some of our furniture items make our 2 seater sofas the perfect living room furniture as the contours, lines and shape provide a modern outlook to a living space. Here you can view a Gilded French sofa or a painted French sofa that is elaborately designed on wood and upholstered with the best quality fabric material. We are one of the leading contract furniture suppliers in UK, offering designer French sofas that are perfect for living rooms, guest room and library as they are hand produced from the finest quality material.

Our designer sofa sets UK are inspired from the bygone era, especially the French Renaissance Era when furniture making was considered an art rather than a profession and that led to the creation of masterpieces in wood that were unique in conception and execution. Today, we have brought for you some impressive looking French painted sofas, fabric sofas and classic French love seats that are beautifully conceived in wood and upholstered in the finest quality fabric material that make them, ‘classic designer furniture’. If you are thinking of buying one such modern sofa or a French distressed painted sofa; we can provide you with an impressive collection of contemporary sofas, antique French style sofas and Gilded French sofas that are definitely eye-catching from the very word ‘go’. Give your home a complete transformation through our two seater sofas in French style that certainly looks elegant and sophisticated.