Wimbledon Living Room

Are you at the starting point of decorating your living room? You have to bear in mind that you are now designing and decorating the most important room in the whole house. To design this room, you need to consult a bunch of interior designers until one matches your demands.

The living room is the most vital room in the whole house. It is the place where you will spend most of your time either with guests or simply family gatherings. There is no accurate definition for a perfect living room. It is just the room that accommodates your needs.

Wimbledon Living Room
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Price starting from 4989 £

Wimbledon Living Room Consist of:

Sofa: £1750
W 200 cm x D 82 cm x H 90 cm

Coffee Table: £1365
W 90 cm x D 90 cm x H 45 cm

2 Chairs: £2210
W 100 cm x D 77 cm x H 89 cm

Pouf: £216
W 55 cm x D 55 cm x H 50 cm

Total: £5541  £4989

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What you need to know first is the living room design that you most like. Are you more of a modern living room person or you prefer classic ones. Thus you must search for plenty of living room ideas to have a crystal clear idea of what you really want.

A modern living room is sleek and will give you a feeling of a boost of energy whenever you enter the room. Interior designers have years upon years of experience and attention to details that will aid you to plan a living room as in the beautifully directed movie.

Wimbledon living rooms are rather contemporary that embrace the modern feeling that is everyone’s favourite nowadays.Wimbledon Living Room

If we have a look at the above picture, we will see a stylish large living room that is both modern and chic at the same time. This living room has an impressive coffee table that is very useful if you have guests over. It is surrounded by a seating area that will make all your guests feel comfortable.

Wimbledon Sofa

All interior designers agree that a perfectly designed living room starts with a great sofa and this sofa really delivers. It is a case in point. Its size is perfect when compared to the room’s design.

It’s not too small or too big. It is just perfect. It is exquisitely sculpted by talented expert craftsmen. It adds a touch of elegance and beauty to complement the entire room.

This state-of-the-art sofa is the cherry on top of any living room design that will make your living space stand out from mediocre ones.

Wimbledon furniture is not just head-turning, it also provides a never-ending level of comfort. Its quality super soft sponge comes in a choice of timeless options either 100% premium cotton or blended linen and cotton.

The sofa isn’t just good to look at, it is perfectly crafted from a solid beachwood, which is screwed, glued and perfectly dowelled for added extra support.

Wimledon Sofa
Image Credit: Englanderline.com

Wimbledon Table

Wimbledon Table
Image Credit: Englanderline.com
The first thing to be considered when thinking of getting a coffee is the size, style and function. The best way to buy the perfect coffee table is the layout and the space required to move around it.

The shape is one of the elements that add a stylistic touch to your space. The coffee table in the kitchen is made up of a perfect wood that is beautifully executed. It is big enough to be perfect for the room but not too deep that it swallows it whole.

A good coffee table has two important things which are the style and function. The coffee table in the picture – in my opinion- fulfils both.

Wimbledon Armchair

The armchairs finish up the stylish yet modern living room.

The chair is perfectly upholstered in a premium blended cotton and linen as well as calico from the inside and completed with a super soft sponge fibre-filled cushion for maximum support.

The chairs are finished with a fine type of wood that will ensure it lasts for a long time. The arm chair’s design is the accent piece décor.

wimbledon armchair
Image Credit: Englanderline.com

Wimbledon Curtain Makers

All our curtains are handmade to the highest specifications. Englander line has been making a bespoke curtain for over 15 years, and still embraces the challenge.

A complete range of custom made curtains and blinds. We have designer curtains and luxury blinds in a variety of styles you can choose from.

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