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Englanderline proudly marks 24 years of capturing the UK’s luxurious essence in every crafted piece. We’ve brought the luxury of the UK to your home. From city chic to countryside charm, our furniture says ‘British excellence’. A big thanks to our loyal customers. Here’s to more years of style and class. Cheers!

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Made To Order & Bespoke Furniture

Crafted by us, tailored for you. Direct from our hands to your home. Experience the luxury of customizable UK-made furniture designed to fit your exquisite taste. Experience genuine customization and immerse yourself in unparalleled British luxury with each piece. Elevate your space with Englanderline’s signature elegance.

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Finest Materials Library with Designer Knowledge

Dive into our vast library, brimming with exceptional fabric designs and materials curated over 20 years. These selections, showcasing elegant patterns, are meticulously crafted by artisans to reflect your discerning taste and style. With our longstanding experience, we offer you a myriad of choices, each promising to infuse timeless elegance and lasting quality into your spaces.

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Made To Order Curtains

Nestled in the heart of Wimbledon, London, Englanderline stands out as a distinguished curtain maker. Our dedicated team of designers and curtain specialists collaboratively work with customers, interior designers, and property developers. Together, we produce stunning curtains, blinds, and handcrafted accessories that transform interiors with a captivating and luxurious touch.
Oksana Glinska
Soft Furnishing Manager

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Browse our selection of hundreds of ready-to-deliver products, straight from our studio to your doorstep. Every item is a testament to Englanderline’s superior craftsmanship. 

With no intermediaries, we ensure you get the most competitive prices. Experience the quality and distinction of genuine Englanderline products. Our promise? Direct delivery and the best price guarantee. Dive into a shopping experience like no other.