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Since its founding among furniture companies in Wimbledon, in 2000, Englanderline furniture company Ltd. has become one of the prominent London furniture companies in designing modern furniture in England. With 20 years’ experience in the modern furniture industry, Englanderline offers a wide range of elegant and luxurious handmade furniture.

Englanderline furniture company offers a unique collection of innovative designs that suit many decors, styles and tastes. Englanderline as one of London furniture company prides on the dedication and commitment to produce high-quality and modern furniture as well as contemporary furniture with affordable price for customer satisfaction.

Since 2000 in England, Scotland, and Ireland, Englanderliner furniture company has been growing to become one of the leading providers of first-class modern luxury designer furniture along with English, French and Italian reproduction contemporary furniture and soft furnishing items for commercial, residential, domestic and international markets across the globe.

Englanderline is renowned for Furniture Stores London manufacturing range of premium modern luxury furniture along with English, French & Italian reproduction furniture and soft furnishing items for commercial, residential, domestic and international markets across the globe since 2000 in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

The patterns are drawn primarily from the French and Regency period alongside contemporary outlines that splendidly mixes and matches with the stylistic décor of any room or restaurant or a lavish hotel suite.

Our bespoke and custom-made furniture in the UK is unique and exquisite in style as they are professionally hand-carved out of natural solid hardwood with intricate and ornate carvings.

We offer bespoke furnishing services like made-to-measure curtains and elegant modern furniture and furnishing items for personal residences, mansions, hotels, embassies, elite property developments and business premises across the United Kingdom and Europe to our esteemed affectionate clients.

Availability of a wide range of luxurious contemporary furniture with exquisite wood finishes, veneer finishes, and fabric upholstery has proven to be a major key factor for our customer’s satisfaction.

London furniture company

Englanderline furniture company recognizes the importance of customization as it helps to capture the market and attract more customers who are interested in high-end homemade furniture and modern furniture that complements and enriches their living space.

The products are made by talented furniture craftsmen who lovingly pay great attention to each detail. High attention and consideration go into choosing the finest hardwoods; preparation of the wood; hand-shaping, sanding, staining and rubbing.

The products are unique, exquisite in style and are skillfully hand-carved out of natural solid hardwood with intricate and ornate carvings. The bespoke and custom-made and luxury furniture manufactured at Englanderline’s workshops is available in a variety of colors, resilient finishes, exquisitely fine wood finishes, veneer finishes, and excellent fabric upholstery so customers can customize the furniture to their individual tastes.

Adopting the patterns from the French and Regency period alongside the contemporary furniture outlines splendidly mixes and matches with the stylistic décor and interior design ideas of any room, restaurant or lavish hotel suite.

Englanderline furniture company in Wimbledon offers bespoke furnishing services and ideal furniture like made-to-measure stylish, simple handmade curtains, elegant and stylish modern furniture with excellent finishes. It provides a wide variety of collection of contemporary and traditional furniture as well as luxury furniture for personal residences, mansions, hotels, embassies, elite property developments and business premises across the UK and Europe to its valued and caring clients.

Englanderline furniture company realizes that providing an extensive diversity of luxurious contemporary furniture with excellent finishing has proven to be a key contributing factor for its customer’s satisfaction.

Building its reputation in the luxury furniture industry on its dedication and commitment to produce signature style and luxury furniture that is unique, hard to mimic and reproduce.

Englanderline’s prestigious and respectful name is always associated with the classy impression its quality furniture leaves on its customers. With its sharp, exclusive outline and gorgeous high-quality furniture fabrication with perfect stitching, the handmade and traditional furniture captures the essence of modernity at its finest.

The company’s vintage imitation collection of astonishingly beautiful English and French styles bespoke furniture stimulate a striking, royal and majestic impact on its clients and customers. European clients can purchase a variety of fancy, first-class custom-made furniture products from the online store.

Among London furniture companies, Englanderline furniture company partakes in renovation projects for homes or hotels. The company’s team will assist in all aspects of interior design, furnishing with custom sizes and limited edition designs as well as offering sound advice on choosing from the most suitable furniture items to fabric upholstery to match the atmosphere and mood clients wish to create.

Englanderline’s triumph lies in its ability to present the whole package of custom-made furniture and fixtures to make the renovation project a success. The company’s aims to achieve and deliver to its clients and customers high-quality standards to cater to elite customers who have a taste for class, royalty and grandeur of a different league.

The company’s showroom exhibits a collection of magnificent furniture products featuring armchairs, curtains, sofas, mirrors and a variety of tables. Customers can visit the showroom to sample the stylish pieces and place their orders for bespoke furniture to fit their vision of how their living space is meant to look like.



Englanderline has been a prestigious and respectful name in the luxury furniture industry as the products we manufacture have a signature style which is hard to mimic and execute.

All of our modern furniture items leave a classy impression on our customers with their sharp outline and gorgeous high-quality fabrication with perfect stitching. Alongside, our vintage imitation collection of astoundingly beautiful English & French styles bespoke furniture set a grand, royal & stately impression on our clients and customers. We also provide a variety of best in class custom made furniture products for our European clients which can be purchased online.

When it comes to a renovation project for your home or hotel, we assist in aspects of interior design, furnishing with custom sizes and one-off designs as well as sound advice about selecting from the most suitable furniture item to fabric upholstery to match the ambience and mood our clients wish to create.

Englander Line is about extra than simply presenting custom-made furniture and fixtures in the United Kingdom as we offer the complete package and strive to make your renovation project a success.

Also, it is a part of the high-quality standards that we aim at achieving and delivering to our clients globally, day in and day out, catering to an elite group of customers who appreciate class, royalty and grandeur of a different league.

Our showroom is located on Imperial Way in Croydon (Surrey). Our sales consultant will be delighted to answer any queries regarding our products or to advise you if needed in case of residential/ commercial furniture & furnishings.

About Our Online Store

Englanderline.com online Luxury furniture store
Englanderline’s luxury furniture and armchairs are works of art. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics to mix and match with the different styles customers have.

These stylish and sleek designer armchairs will definitely be eye-catching and classy in any seating environment. Sit back in ultimate comfort with the modern pieces Englanderline offers.

Working simple forms made up of solid wood, the armchairs add a sense of elegance to the living space with their stunning and unique designs.

Their smooth lines and splendid foundation promise endless comfort making it a relaxing addition to a living room. They are perfectly handcrafted from solid beechwood, which is screwed, glued and perfectly dowelled for extra support.

Their upholstered seat, arms and back, soft cushioned seating and convenient armrests ensure longevity, durability. Customers can choose from a range of leg finishes creating their perfect piece.

Englanderline Living-Room

Among London furniture companies, Englanderline’s sofas and chaise lounges are made to style the living space with a contemporary and decadent look.

They are exquisitely hand-sculpted by expert craftsmen to add a sense of elegant beauty to the living space. The sofas are uniquely designed to be the ultimate accent pieces for any décor and make any living room burst with sophistication, classiness and elegance.

The sofas are padded with super soft cushions and smooth upholstery, bringing modern and decadent aesthetic across their entire body.

Englanderline sofas’ quality furniture and super soft sponge comes in a choice of timeless upholstery options either (100%) natural cotton or blended linen and cotton.

They also come in a choice of sophisticated colorways which customers can choose from to suit their interior décor.

Customers can also request other fabrics that are available upon request or can be customized in a material of their choice. The company’s upholstery fabrics are tested to be flame retardant

Customers can choose the desired fabric for their luxurious custom made quality curtains and blinds.

Every service from making to hanging is bespoke and at the best price. They will offer your desired look to space we design the curtains for. Our bespoke creations are par excellence in beauty and functionality.

Englanderline furniture company offers a wide range of elegant, stylish and fancy curtains that add a touch of beauty and classiness to the living space. The curtains are guaranteed to add a glow to the room in any light.

The company offers many options for window treatments to complement any décor. The panels are available in various fabrics, sheer solids, crushed, printed, embroidered, lace and solid fabric to be used behind drapes for a more elegant look or for privacy.

Englanderline’s stylish handmade tiers are made to perfection with the finest hand stitches and designs that are guaranteed to bring out the beauty of any living space. The toppers and valances Englanderline crafts are stunning artwork with unique designs that come in many styles and shapes.

Curtain Makers Marylander

They can be used alone for a simple look or can be used over a tier, panel or a hard window treatment. The drapes are sewed from lightweight fabrics for flow curtains and a transparent look of the outside view, or thick heavy fabrics that are perfect for a bold décor and are right for space where more protection from sun rays is needed.

Englander Line’s materials promise exceptional longevity even when they are hung in an exceptionally sunny room. Our curtains and blinds. Our technicians will also help in hanging the piece in the space you buy it for.

Mirrors are an affordable way to create depth and enhance the beauty in any home. The right decorative mirror can bring in more light and increase the aesthetic appeal of a room.

Englanderline’s mirrors are guaranteed to create the right atmosphere and mood for every style. Customers can buy fancy, stylish, classical and modern designer plane mirrors or concave mirrors or convex mirrors to complement different living spaces.

The unique designs of plane mirrors are excellent for bedrooms and bathrooms to reflect real images in the normal proportions, reversed from left to right.

The creative designs of concave mirrors, which are spherical mirrors that curve inward like a spoon create the illusion of largeness in bedrooms and bathrooms. Convex mirrors, on the other hand, they bulge out and distort the reflected image, making it smaller.

Englanderline’s premium quality glass reflects the perfect image and the antique designs complement the living space to appear larger, stylish and classy. Customers can design custom mirrors that are functional and decorative.

The company’s team’s understanding of the physics behind mirrors will help customers decide between the different types of mirrors, and how to use them to benefit their space.

Englanderline’s tables and luxury furniture are a mesmerizing artwork and beautiful addition to any living space; they add an exquisite flavour and bring out a stylish aesthetic.

They are divinely handcrafted from tough beechwood to add a sense of modern luxury to the room.

Customers can buy a uniquely sleek and simple designed bedside tables that have stunning marble top surfaces of different shapes for holding essentials and a self-closing drawer and self-closing touch mechanism for a cool and sumptuous look.

Englanderline’s eye-catching designs and contemporary furniture of coffee tables that complement living rooms.

Customers can choose from a collection of uniquely designed coffee tables with a sleek golden finish and a stunning marble top for both beauty and function.

Luxury Tables Collection

Styling rooms with console tables and side tables will add a sense of exquisite flavour to rooms. Customers can choose from a widely varied collection of tables that are finished in beautiful colors and stunning shapes.

They are astonishingly designed to bring a stylish aesthetic to the living space. Customers can request custom made tables that befit their modern or classic tastes and complement their interior design.

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