About Englander Line Ltd.

Englander Line is renowned for Furniture Stores London manufacturing range of premium modern luxury furniture along with English, French & Italian reproduction furniture and soft furnishing items for commercial, residential, domestic and international markets across the globe since 2000 in England, Scotland, and Ireland. The patterns are drawn primarily from the French and Regency period alongside contemporary outlines that splendidly mixes and matches with the stylistic décor of any room or restaurant or a lavish hotel suite. Our bespoke and custom-made furniture in the UK is unique and exquisite in style as they are professionally hand carved out of natural solid hardwood with intricate and ornate carvings.

We offer bespoke furnishing services like made-to-measure curtains and elegant modern furniture and furnishing items for personal residences, mansions, hotels, embassies, elite property developments and business premises across the United Kingdom and Europe to our esteemed affectionate clients. Availability of a wide range of luxurious contemporary furniture with exquisite wood finishes, veneer finishes, and fabric upholstery has proven to be a major key factor for our customer’s satisfaction.


Luxury seating


Accent Tables


Englander Line has been a prestigious and respectful name in the luxury furniture industry as the products we manufacture have a signature style which is hard to mimic and execute. All of our modern furniture items leave a classy impression on our customers with their sharp outline and gorgeous high-quality fabrication with perfect stitching. Alongside, our vintage imitation collection of astoundingly beautiful English & French styles bespoke furniture set a grand, royal & stately impression on our clients and customers. We also provide a variety of best in class custom made furniture products for our European clients which can be purchased online.

When it comes to a renovation project for your home or hotel, we assist in aspects of interior design, furnishing with custom sizes and one-off designs as well as sound advice about selecting from the most suitable furniture item to fabric upholstery to match the ambience and mood our clients wish to create.

Englander Line is about extra than simply presenting custom-made furniture and fixtures in the United Kingdom as we offer the complete package and strive to make your renovation project a successful. Also, it is a part of the high-quality standards that we aim at achieving and delivering to our clients globally, day in and day out, catering to an elite group of customers who appreciate class, royalty and grandeur of a different league.

Our showroom is located on Imperial Way in Croydon (Surrey). Our sales consultant will be delighted to answer any queries regarding our products or to advise you if needed in case of residential/ commercial furniture & furnishings.