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Antique Dining Table Design - Englander Line

A designer dining table is a quintessential furniture item for any modern home, especially for the dining area where family and friends enjoy homemade delicacies and culinary delights sitting in homely comfort. Therefore, the design of a typical French dining table holds the key as that could well enhance the decor of any dining area to many folds. At Englander Line, we have assorted for you, a unique collection of functional, stylish and elegant luxury dining tables in both antique as well as retro style which are a treat for the eyes. View our vintage and modern dining tables if you are searching for something robust in appearance and classic in style as that is the hallmark of our home furniture design which is loved by our clients.

At Englander Line Ltd., we use natural hardwood for producing one such vintage dining table in French or Italian style as all our luxury furniture items are handcrafted and hand polished by our experienced craftsmen. Natural solid wood is used for production these designer dining tables that are extremely stylish yet highly functional. You can choose from a myriad of designs and size that fits your budget as well as your dining space. We have in our exclusive collection small dining tables and round dining tables that are simply stunning from the aspect of craftsmanship and overall beauty. Only the premium quality hardwood goes into the production of these designer home furniture items which are overtly gorgeous. Other furniture accessories such as glass, marble stone, plywood and steel apart from the leather and cotton upholstery material is used in the production of these classic beauties in wood.

Abodes which have a limited dining space can be decorated with a compact looking contemporary dining table that is exquisitely beautiful and stylish. Coupled with intricate hand carving, these bespoke French style furniture are truly overwhelming and inspiring for the user who wish to decorate his / her home with beautiful designer furniture. The incorporation of authentic quality hardwood such as Oak and Mahogany as the core material certainly provides durability and style to any bespoke furniture and in this particular area, an antique dining table or a French style dining table.

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