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Hand Carved Vintage Chest of Drawers for Sale Online

Classic Furniture

Antique style chests with a woodwork décor on its body are trending in furniture. Englanderline showcases its vintage style chest of drawers in that appealing style. These are perfection in our Harveys wardrobe designs. You will get the most authentic style, design, and the perfect size. You can easily install it anywhere you want.

We have the best of storage furniture in rich crafting styles. Our French, Italian, and English style furniture is treated for the eyes. There are much more captivating designs you can choose from. The ornate designing and woodwork enhance the beauty of these vintage-style items. Here we present our hand-carved vintage chest of drawers with full front body cravings.

The heavy ornate designing on its body make it a decorative accessory. It is the choice of customers who love the antique and vintage style furniture.

We design these items especially for clients who want to buy rich vintage accessories.

The ornamentation on the front frame and on the columns reflects its French reproduction class. It can add a contemporary style to your home.

The front carvings and rich veneer finish on its top define the best of English craftsmanship. Our professional designers complete the piece with rich hand polishing and carvings. The neat lines on top and sides give it’s a sophisticated look. The cabriole legs also have rich ornamental décor. You can explore our whole new range of French chests for finding the best piece that suits your taste.

Classy Vintage Style

You will get the best-handcrafted perfection for giving a grand appeal to your home. The stylish rectangular chest comes in a perfect size that makes it adjustable in any space. It has two vertical chests with beautiful brass handles. You can open it in pull away style for storing all your essentials.

It has flawless hand carvings under its frame and on the drawers. This rich intricate craving style makes it a royal piece of furniture. The flawless hand polishing gives a glossy shine to the woodwork.

Its smooth top offers enough space for placing an antique décor on it. The two drawers have enough space for safely carrying your small essentials.

You can use it in your dining room for storing dinnerware. You can also place it in your bedroom for storing your makeup essentials and other small items. It is a functional piece of furniture with captivating ornamentation. It can add décor and functionality to any space where you install it.


Our deft artisans make this admirable piece of furniture with their professional hands. We hand carve it to perfection for making a combination of functional and decorative features. The hand polishing offers 10 finishing options to the customers.

There is a variety of sizes and styles you can choose from. We find it as a joy for making a special piece for our customer. Buy the best vintage style accessories at the best price from our store. Add the classy, contemporary style to your luxury home with these rich antique perfections.

Our quality products promise durability, robustness, and worth the price you pay for them. They have the ability to cater to all your needs and can also return you the value of your money. So add this functional chest in your furniture essentials from our Harveys wardrobe collection.

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