How To Style Your bedside Table?

7 Steps on how to style your bedside table

Picture this; you’re rearranging your bedroom to look like your own version of a palace. You already have the bed, dresser, tv console, and decor that you’ve put up. But there’s just seems to be something missing.


That’s where the style bedside table comes in. Made to accentuate the bedroom and bring a stylized look to your interiors, a bedside table is versatile in its appeal. When incorporating an extra piece of furniture, many questions come to mind. The following are typical inquiries that you may ponder:

1. How should I style my bedside table? Styling is important as it will be a prominent piece within your bedroom interiors.
2. What décor should you include? Bedside table décor such as a lamp or picture frame can emphasize the look of your interiors.
3. What colour should your bedside table be? Colour can either clash with the rest of your master bedroom or accommodate your other interiors pieces.
4. Modern or contemporary? Bring in a stylish glow to your bedroom and generate a theme.
5. What size should the bedroom table be? This will make the room look wider or smaller depending on the proportion.


Though you can give you anxiety and Redoute, these questions will help introduce your new bedroom table to your room and understand your needs regarding buying a new product for your interiors.

This will help you acquire more mega savings by planning. We will help you open a stream of new ideas and let it flow through your interiors.

1. Spatial knowledge

How do you effortlessly occupy your interiors and improve the aesthetic?

The truth is when you’re moving into your new home interiors, having a flooring plan for your furniture can be critical and give you Redoute.

While many individuals end up improving their bedroom as they go, it can be daunting and give you redoute if you move in all of your furniture at once and end up unable to fill up the interiors accordingly. This can lead to much Redoute about how to go about changing your bedroom.

To organize your bedside table appropriately, you need to look at the width and height of the product. Then you’ll need to inspect the size of your bedding.

A good rule of thumb is to even out the size of your bed with your bedside table. If your bedside table is larger than your bed, it will look disproportionate and will clash with the rest of your furniture.

This will also help to style your bedside table as your bedside décor will also be incorporated based on the sizing.

For a smaller bedside table, we would recommend a larger lamp or a vase that will be aesthetically pleasing in your interiors. Leaving out the redoute.

2. Storage and Efficiency

What kind of bedside table should you get?  Bookshelf or traditional?

Bedside tables come in different shapes and sizes. Although many choose to take up the more traditional route, others choose to be more innovative with one single drawer and a bottom shelf.

This means choosing a nightstand that has extra shelves or extra storage space. This helps integrate a more efficient feel to your bedroom and could lessen any clutter. Making your interiors more practical doesn’t necessarily mean you need to compromise on style, however.

Modern bedside tables now have an ultra-stylish essence and storage space that not only enhance your bedroom’s look but can lengthen the interiors of your bedroom by decreasing pieces of furniture. This will provide space for your trinkets that keep a functional environment all around. It will also bring mega savings by spending less on other furniture.

3. The Right Material

What is the right texture or material for your bedside table?

Whether rattan, metal, or wood, it is important to note that your bedside table needs to complement the rest of your bedroom. Typically, most people decide to go with the same texture for the whole interior.

This generally works to keep consistency amongst your bedroom pieces. However, don’t let this limit your creativity and hinder your unique vision for your bedroom. You can bring in an exceptional rattan piece and style it with wooden furniture based on light rattan or dark.

Styling different textures can work so long as it doesn’t stray too far from the material. For example, rattan and wood can work well together as they are both come from natural elements.

You can also pair rustic with industrial (metal and wood), so long as the shading complements each other.

4. Colour Coordination

What colours should your bedside table be?

When introducing a new piece to your bedroom, it is critical to think about the right shade or finish that will mesh well with your master bedroom colour palette. It is important to note, the right tones and hues can make or break your overall bedroom scheme.

Whether you pick monotone, vibrant, earthy, or neutral colours, you have to keep in mind the design or theme you are going for in your interiors. However, if you dress up your interiors to look almost the same, it can overwhelm the eyes and cause colour blocking. This will lead to much Redoute.

This should ultimately be avoided as it will run the risk of hindering the style of your bedroom. That is why, when picking out a bedside table, it is optimal to change up the colour scheme to incorporate different layers that will be pleasing to the eye.

For example, introducing a light wash or finish such as brown, white, and soft grey color can bring a fresh as well as organic foundation to your bedroom. These colors automatically complement light hues and tones as well as enhance a minimalistic theme.

5. Bedside Table Décor

What is the best decoration for your bedside table?

Decoration functions to complement your bedside table. Accents like picture frames, lamps, or other products can immediately elevate the look of your furnishings.

The question is, what décor is most effective for your bedside table? That is a matter of style and theme.

Dedicating your bedside table to your memories optional, picture frames hold a personal touch that accommodates the piece fairly well. A lamp is typically used for reading purposes and accents a cosy feeling within your interieurs.

However, be careful to not overdo it when it comes to filling your bedside table space with too many accents as it can result in a cluttered look. We believe that there should be a balance that depends on the size of the bedside table. If it is longer in width then you would be able to add more décor.

6. What aesthetic is best?

Modern, contemporary, vintage, or art deco? What flavor is best to season your bedside table with? This can be a matter of opinion or again, consistency. When it comes to looking at what theme is best to bring into your interior, we recommend looking at the rest of your interiors.

A traditionally tame and ultra-stylish way to change your bedroom is by bringing a mid-century modern theme to your bedroom. A contemporary look will bring liveliness to your bedroom with the latest stylish flair in the furniture industry.

A vintage look will incorporate a blast from the past. Finally, the art deco look is an innovative meeting abstract to produce a look that’s never been seen before.

7. Minimalistic versus Maximalist

Increase space or increase luxury items?

Minimalism is taking the furniture industry by storm. Due to its overwhelmingly positive reaction by furniture experts and auteurs, it is easy to understand why it is lauded as a great technique when it comes to decorating your bedroom space.

The fewer items, the more space. Maximalism is the opposite, which covers more space but accomplishes a more defined look. This debate can occupy your mind when selecting a bedside table, as it can be a prominent factor in whether or not your bedside table will succeed in diminishing extra items or be a small piece to a bigger puzzle.

We believe when it comes to deciding on these factors, we encourage you to look at the bigger picture. Do you feel that a smaller bedside table with storage space will be accommodating for all sorts of objects? It is best to plan out what works in your bedroom long term. This also helps increase mega savings, by lessening purchases.

This helps coordinate your decision for updating your interieurs style not just with your bedside table, but for other pieces of furniture.