Luxury Living Room Furniture – The Best Choices For Every Room Size

For people who love neutral orange colours, the orange room will not be the most attractive choice. However, for the mind that is playful, the orange and grey combination will look absolutely chic and Scandinavian.

Adding some orange with charcoal accessories will also enhance the rustic look of the house and make it look absolutely perfect. Don’t forget to add other orange furniture pieces, including chair carpet and other retroelements to make the muted themes and tones of the room more dominant.

If you are an artistic person, you can add various prints and monochrome art pieces in your room by the side of the sofa for the people to acknowledge your perfectly painted art.

Add fluffy and soft pillows to make the seating arrangement even comfier. The Turquoise scheme of colour will also enhance the look of the house.

Make sure your adding accessories including the canvases and the Perfect Combination of violet and copper to make the room a lot more attractive and eye-catchy.

Add cushions on the carpeted floor. You can also add shelves to add huge storage in the room. Shelf stimulates the overall look of the house, But make sure the height of the shelf is according to the panelling in your room.

Small Living Rooms

If you are trying to look for ideas on how to furnish a small living room, you should be seeking out pieces that will enhance the cosy and inviting characteristics of a more compact space.

Whether your room is in a bungalow, townhouse or a small apartment, what you do not want is an area that is crowded and cluttered as you won’t want to spend any time there.

Your key objectives when looking at the design of a smaller living room should be maximising storage space and doing everything that you can to make the room look bigger than it actually is.

Being smart about your choice of furniture will help you to achieve these goals.

Consider using pieces that have multiple uses, instead of a floating coffee table you may want to pick one that has storage incorporated beneath it. Similarly, using cupboards or shelving that are placed high on a wall can help to provide layers to a wall with storage that doesn’t take up too much space in a room.

You’ll want to consider using furniture that maximises natural light from a window, some examples of how you can achieve this include having curtains made of fabric or velvet with pale or lighter palette colours that let light pour in and placing cabinets so that their position means windows aren’t covered and they don’t block sunlight or create long shadows.

Another top tip is to embrace the elegant cosiness of your room. Including a collection of warm colours and comforting interior textures will help you embrace what the Danish call.

Key items that work well in a small living room:

  • Small room sofa or settee
  • Contemporary chairs with storage
  • Cream drapes
  • Sleek cupboard units
  • Tufted pillows
  • Japanese lamp

Medium living rooms

When considering how to style medium (or average) sized living rooms, it is worthwhile remembering that you should embrace your ability to showcase stylish and artistic pieces, whilst also maximising the space available to you.

You may have a room in a country cottage, family home or an industrial style Brooklyn loft. Still, regardless of architecture, location, and vibe, it is worth creating an ideal space that reflects your surroundings’ mood and aesthetics.

Some medium-sized living rooms have irregular dimensions or nooks and crannies that add an element of difficulty to a project, but this means you need to get creative, fearless and innovative in your styling!

Firstly, if a room is narrow, it’s worth considering that large mirrors work incredibly well at giving an illusion of extra space by reflecting light, so it is filled back into the room.

Another trick for an oddly shaped room is to use L-shaped or corner sofas (leather, upholstery or other material), that can fit into tight spaces extremely well, giving you more floor space to include other pieces of furniture.

With noticeably larger living rooms you have more leeway when it comes to making a statement with stylish pieces that focus on aesthetic pleasure.

Trying to incorporate a large fancy rug with a print or pattern, painted floors, a standout centre island or strategically placed artwork will give an eye-catching dash of class and your room will be transformed.

Key items that work well in a medium living room:

  • Corner sofas.
  • Turn of the century, vintage armchairs.
  • Handmade french style pouffes and ottomans.
  • Classic Italian marble side table.
  • Bold modern art and paintings.
  • Designer mirror.
  • Antique Moroccan patterned rugs.

Large living rooms

If you live in a sizeable space, such as an original converted barn based in the English countryside, a Mediterranean style house in California or a large penthouse studio in Chicago, with huge rooms there is more freedom for lounging, hosting guests and to escape and relax.

However, don’t forget that bigger expanses may present a dilemma in terms of using up this space and keeping the room intimate, functional and welcoming. The key to this is using modern luxury living room furniture.

A great initial idea is to designate a number of distinct ‘zones’ within the room, whereby you can group accessories and pieces of furniture into purposeful areas that complement each other.

Theme your zones around their function and scale, for example, you may have; a cocktail spot with a bar and beautifully upholstered stools, a lounge area with comfortable seating and space for reading or conversation, a dining area with a treasured rustic table and sophisticated chairs, and perhaps a minimalist writing area with a desk and personally collected ornaments. Each piece will matter in these zones.

You may want to think about visually dividing the area of your room into elements, which can be achieved by varying wallpaper with a standout mix of cohesive patterns, altering ceiling texture and creating an arrangement of visual furniture including a bench, gorgeous sculptures, sumptuous cushions and antique inspired drapery to free up your mind and divert the eye around different parts of the room.

When decorating you should also consider the use of colour and shade within a room, thinking about how a selection of soothing and cool neutral colour tones (white, silver, grey or black) can be played off against a series of more vibrant shades that give warmth (gold, green, blue, red or yellow).

Also give thought to how different paint types (matte or silk) alter layouts and how different fabrics and materials (wood, metal, glass panels) can be curated and incorporated.

Key items that work well in a large living room:

  • Upholstered lounge chair.
  • Fireplace and mantel place.
  • Stunning chic benches.
  • Handcrafted dining table (or banquette table).
  • Pair of double sofas.
  • Multi-layer chandelier.
  • Monochrome lamps.
  • Striped wallpaper.
  • Layered screen.
  • Beach palm.

Once you have decided a plan that includes the inspiration, individual taste and tone of your room, together with its configuration and balance, how it will be decorated and the character that each little touch will bring.

It is worth remembering that it is always important to think about what shop or store you will use to buy your luxury contemporary living room furniture.

Ensure they are offering the right prices, and that their designers can help you achieve a special vision that you will love.

Check that they can work with you to provide the correct custom pieces to complete your room and suit the styles that you have designed.