With over 20 yeas’ experience and a wealth knowledge in French polishing, Englanderline expert team has the ability to produce unique masterpieces that are as beautiful and practical as original pieces. Our master polishers use the traditional French polishing by skillfully applying shellac-based polish to woodwork, producing exquisite pieces of furniture. Using original French polishing techniques, our alluringly antique furniture is sanded, prepared, stained and filled with a colored grain filler before the French polishing. Producing beautiful and heavy duty modern and contemporary, we deal with a wide range of spray finishes using the latest painting technologies that guarantee longevity you are looking for.


Our assemblers have extensive experience and they are meticulously trained to handle major commercial projects. We provide high quality and professional assembly services as we understand that every piece has its unique assembly technique. We take care of your furniture as our skilled assembly technicians has the ability to put furniture in one functioning piece.