Classic Furniture

Our Englander Line collection of antique French furniture on display is exquisite in style, with intricate hand carving, design pattern and rich hand polishing that makes every single furniture piece, a treat for the eyes. The premium quality natural hardwood used in the process of manufacturing reflects in the robustness, style, finish and quality of these antique French furniture items that are unmatched. The beautiful French cabinets, vanity units, wooden armoire, French salon sets, display cabinets, French dressers, Marquetry style wooden chests and French beds are simply awe-inspiring. The veneer finish and the superior hand polishing also goes about producing a sublime effect that best defines the pristine beauty of these classic French and Victorian furniture that are brilliant in execution. We showcase some of the most flawless antique furniture designs that are unique in style and thus embolden the appeal of any living space.

We bring to you our Classic Furniture vintage style furniture for sale that is flawlessly executed on the natural hardwood as a majority of luxury homes and hotels across Europe are now looking for something royal and grand while renovating their interiors. It is exactly here we offer them our complete range of designer furniture in French, English and Italian style that best defines craftsmanship in wood which is of the highest quality. We are one of the few furniture companies in the UK that sell antique bedroom furniture as well as dining room furniture that are hand produced in a reproduction style and which actually go on to bolster the appeal of your home interiors. We are the most preferred antique furniture manufacturers in London, simply because of our flawless execution in wood.

Come home to the world of designer French furniture that is beautifully styled and upholstered in rich fabric that definitely brings about a ‘wow’ appeal. If you are looking for classic country furniture in Rattan or Rococo finish, it is we who can provide you with your choices of home decor items that are handmade, hand polished and hand upholstered in the best of materials which make them pristine work of art in wood. We have it all in our collection starting from designer sofa sets to French salons as they are created to perfection by our in-house craftsmen. Englander Line is certainly the top classic furniture company in the UK that brings for you the best of Oak bedroom and living room furniture that is gorgeous and royal, providing that exquisite appeal to your living space which is desired by all.

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